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Beary Bipolar's diary page twelve

Dancing Elephant

Mozart took the midnight train

Mozart took the midnight train
Birdies say that talk is cheap
Grilled hotdogs waft on the breeze
Daddy looks over the Ragweed Garden
Sniffles postponing explosive sneezing
Memorial Day weekend 1999
Jan+Don+30 years
A marriage made in Hell
Heavens to Betsey!
Mexican? PuertoRican? Boy
Plays next yard over

Useless to yell at circumstance
Dance the whirled
Write on regardless
Write on!

Reptar, a calico muse
Loves her Mozart
As the CD plays on
Kittens listening to Dancin' Oldies
The Midnight train in
L'apres de midi

Seurat in the city
Breaking up les couleurs
In my mind
Boy,those hotdogs hotdogs smell great!

Conversation can wait
The maple shades us from
Our neighbors
Privacy,a luxury
In these trying times
Writing with pen on paper
Zenlike and always mysterious

Slumbering calico muse
Miss Reptar channels calm
Just give me what I want,Daddy
And I will be calm as a

The world wil behave itself
Internasal hotdog aroma therapy
Keeps pig and cow out of
My digestive tract for now
Those plaintive violins
Win over this growly bear
So there!

Missing my fluffmuffin muse
Good old fluff and fart!
Sad violins played perfectly
Help somehow

Mopeds roar!
Mommy sneezes
20 minutes before

Time marches on
And on and on
Thru good moods and bad

Revise later if you like
Raw data here.
Bear out.

And yet?
Kinda needs a RKO ending
Don't you think?
More a bang than a whimper?

Who knows?

rks wss May 29,1999

Copyright 1999 by Richard K. Stimson
Steal this and you're history!

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