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Beary's diary page eleven

Cow in hat



Binky's Kittens,2 and one half months,July,1999,with me

Binky's Kittens,2 and one half months,July,1999,with me

Now we are nine.
Binky has 4 new kittens.
Mother and children are all doing well.
So the Bear family is now:
We are eternally grateful
for all your prayers and loving thoughts.
Be well.
Grandpa and Grandma Bear

may 03,1999 el barrio 8:37am(EDT)

kinda growly at this point.had to unsub a good friend from one of my lists,kinda a downer.
Anyhoo,i have had some really good moments this morning.
today is my birthday.Dah bear is now 43.not a bad number.neither young or old.good old middle age.the middle passage.try not to think about men who die in their forties. their tickers go,prostate cancer,the flaws that flesh is heir to.good ole grim reaper.going home or just disappearing . . . Cheery,aren't i?not at my best before breakfast,cookies,snickers fun bars,better than nada,definately better than that.anyway,some of you all may actually like diaries,find them interesting,maybe that's why you are here,reading these rambles.
who knows,some force in the universe is pushing the keys down on my keyboard,maybe it has something to do with me.

tuesday,may 18,1999 4:05pm(EDT)
el barrio,connecticute,usa
'tis time,i imagine for another snickers fun size bar,my favorite medicine*G*.yum! two f.s. bars seem to be the right dosage to lift my descending migraine and growliness waiting in the wings.


the new accessibility guidelines for webmasters do NOT mention the mental health of the reader and/or webmaster as an accessibility issue.Many bipolars reading my home page in its earliest stages could not find my guestbook link,because,at that point i only had text links,not graphical links in addition,as i do now.The whole issue of impatient,stressed-out,or in crisis surfers or webmasters is not addressed at all.Different levels of literacy,dyslexia(sp?),and a whole host of other concerns are not addressed.The document is cumbersome,guilt-laden,OCD to ridiculous extremes,and generally made me furious.This is info was in my latest HTML Writers Guild Newletter.I generally find their newsletters boring,confusing,definately not user friendly.I haven't tried any of their courses,etc.There is a strong urge for me to just take my dollies and go home,but other forces tell me there is a good reason for me to stay.Feedback would be real nice.Email me or sign my guestbook,there are text links for both below. Yeah,i should put graphical links for that stuff on every blasted page,but if you click on the graphic for home you will see graphics for the guestbook.Tip for the impatient surfer of this site:my guestbook splash page (with the adorable pic of my kitty,Wally Wu)has links to the entire site.
It loads considerably faster than the home page.Outta here!
Take care,

Accessibility Project Update

sunday,may 30,1999 8:43pm(EDT) el barrio
Bear here.
I am trying to make this site as accessible as i can.
I put in text links to the home page on the twenty-four pages that are not the home page itself.Yes,there are now twenty-five pages to this site,which started four months ago today. Whew!Everyone have some cyber birthday cake!Now i am linked to over 30 web rings.Some large.Some small.Some dormant.I have put in other text links to hopefully have fewer dead ends.I have tried to make this site interesting,yada,yada,yada.Next accessibility project will be to put graphical links to the guestbook splash page on many of the pages.Trying to not just rant about access,but do my little part.My promotional efforts seem to be paying off.The counters however were driving me bonkers so i took them off. Click-Thru Network and The Worm-Hole Project are doing the counting for me privately.Thanks again to Self-Promotion.Com who got me started in getting the word out far and wide.
Blessings to all,
Bear/Beary/Beary Bipolar/

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