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Fauzia's Pakistani Recipes - The Extraordinary Taste of Pakistan
Has thousands of delicious recipes.
A variety of Pakistani, Indian, American, Chinese, Arabian, and recipes from all over the world!
In this section you will find many delicious Seafood Recipes. Enjoy!

Barbecue Fish
Filet of Fish layers with Onion, Lemon,
and Spices and barbecued to perfection.
Batter Fried Fish
Fish marinated in Spices, battered and
deep fried until golden brown.
Crab Shells
Jumbo Pasta Shells stuffed with a mixture of
Cream Cheese, Crab, Shrimp, Onion, and Celery.
Crab with Ginger and Spring Onions
Crab Meat cooked with Spring Onions,
Garlic, Ginger Root, Sauces, and Spices.
Curried Crab Pizza
Crab Meat Pizza with a twist of
Mayonnaise and Curry Powder.
Deli Seafood Sandwich
Crab meat on a Sandwich Bun with
Mayonnaise, Celery, and Onions.
Easy Tuna Noodle Casserole
Easy and delicious meal made of Tuna Fish,
Noodles, and Cream of Mushroom Soup.
Finger Fish
Salmon Fish marinated in Spices, dipped with
an Egg and Bread Crumb mixture and deep fried.
Fish Curry
Fish marinated with Salt and fried with
Garlic, Ginger, and Spices to a Curry.
Fish Kabab
Salmon Fish marinated with
Yogurt and cooked on skewers.
Fish Masala
Fresh selected pieces of Black Sea Bass Fish
cooked in spicy Tomato and Coconut Sauce.
Fish Tikka
Boneless pieces of Fish marinated in
Yogurt and Spices and grilled till tender.
Fish Vegetable Deluxe
Catfish or Tilapia fillets cooked
with fresh Vegetables and Spices.
French Style Fried Fish
Fish battered in Spices and fried to golden
brown; garnished with Tomato and Lemon.
Fried Pomfret Fish
Deep fried Pomfret - A Sea Fish marinated with Lemon,
Vinegar, and Chilli Powder then deep fried to perfection.
Fried Shrimp
Shrimp coated with a Masala
Dip and fried to perfection.
Hot Grilled Trout
Spicy Hot dish of Trout Fish marinated in a
Lemon Herb Seasoning Spice batter then grilled.
Jheenga Saalan
Spicy Pakistani Shrimp Curry made with medium
Shrimps, Potato, Onion, Tomato and other Spices.
Jumbo Prawn Curry
Jumbo Prawns cooked in a spicy Curry
of Authentic Sauce and Spices.
Jumbo Prawn Qorma
Jumbo Prawns prepared in a mild
Curry of fresh Vegetables and Spices.
Low Carb Fish Chowder
An easy to prepare, warm and satisfying Chowder
Soup; can be prepared with any White Fish.
Peri Peri Prawns
Delicious Prawns marinated and
cooked in a decent Peri Peri Sauce.
Prawn Pulao
Amazingly delicious dish of Prawn Pulao -
Basmati Rice cooked with Prawns and Shallots.
Prawn Stick with Sugarcane
Prawns prepared with Chilli Paste, Fresh Cream,
Yogurt, and other Spices in a Masala Gravy.
Prawns with Green Masala
Salmon Fish marinated with a paste of Garlic
and Spices and baked till brown and tender.
Salmon with Mustard Sauce
Salmon Fish marinated with a paste of Garlic
and Spices and baked till brown and tender.
Seafood Pizza
Pizza topped with Crab Meat, Shrimps, Pineapple,
Mushrooms, Black Olives, and Green Peppers.
Shrimp Biryani
Aromatic Basmati Rice delicately cooked
with baby Shrimps and Exotic Spices.
Shrimp Egg Foo Young
Vegetables, Shrimp, and Eggs; fried and shaped
into Patties; served with a thick and Hot Sauce.
Shrimp Pakoray
Shrimps dipped in a Spice Batter and deep
fried; can be eaten with any Sauce or Chutney.
Shrimp Salad
Indulge in a healthy salad made with
luscious Shrimps with Onion and Celery.
Surmai Tava Fry
King Fish marinated in a paste of Spices; fried then
served on a bed of Onion Rings, Cucumber, and Tomato.
Tuna Filled Tomatoes
Tomatoes filled with a mixture of Tuna,
Rice, Cheese, Cream, and Mayonnaise.

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