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Bottom Line: Power:
Every time you see a new "crisis" in the news it's another power grab. Learn to "read between the lines.
Creating Hysteria:
To gain power, you "create hysteria" about a real or imagined "problem." It's called "The Hegelian Principle."
Decade of Greed?
The power seekers tell "The Big Lie" that the Reagan years were the "Decade of Greed." Facts and figures from their own sources to put the lie to that.
The Destruction of the Family:
To control us they have to control what is taught our children. This is how they will do it.
The "Evita Factor":
Knowledge of Argentina's recent history will show a similarity between what destroyed their economy and what is even now destroying ours.
Global Control of Your Children:
The United Nations wants to control your children. The "Convention on the Rights of the Child is the way they will do it.
Gun Control Kills:
Gun control laws actually kill people by letting crooks know people will likely be unarmed.
Is Communism Really Dead?
One of the biggest cons that ever was is the "collapse" of communism in Russia. It's all to "lull the Americans to sleep, says Gorbachev."
Is It One Conspiracy?
While we're arguing over inconsequential matters, they're picking our pockets and enslaving us behind our backs.
Not Interested in Politics?
You'd Better Be. You cannot ignore politics. Politics will affect you anyway, to your detriment.
Social Security Number As ID:
To rule you they have to give you a number and force you to use it. That number is the Social Security number
"The Sky is Falling!":
Another major scam is the phony "global warming" scam. Here are the words of an eminent environmental scientist to debunk it.

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Politics Is (Are?) Simple

The looters want you to think it's complicated
to keep you looking the other way

ALTRUISM: Altruism is a philosophy whereby a person who sees someone in need, makes a decision to help that person. The major difference between that and "forced altruism" is force. Where an outside agency, usually the government, forcibly takes money and property from the person who has earned it and gives it, unearned, to someone who has not. The key element that differentiates this from forced altruism is that the person makes his own decision to help the other person.

ALTRUISM (FORCED): The forced altruists can best be defined by their slogan which is: "FROM each according to his ABILITY and TO each according to his NEED." What this means, in plain terms, is: "Take the fruits of creativity and production from those capable and willing to produce new wealth (profit) and give them to those who have not earned them."

Politics is really very simple. The "forced altruists work hard to make you think otherwise, because that can cause you to totally ignore them while they're "picking your pocket." Fact is, it is now, and always has been, a battle between Producers and Moochers. Everything else is a subplot.

The purpose of the Moocher is to get, for him/herself, the rewards that the producer (who through his/her productive work creates all new profit in the world) earns, without the necessity of working for it. When man invented the wheel, two or more moochers got together and made a law that allowed them to share in the benefits to be gained from this invention without having to have invented it.

THE LOOTER:The Looter (also known as a "liberal") is the person who actually works to take that profit away from the Producer and give it to the moocher. He/she does this in return for the power this gives him/her over both the producer and the moocher.

The main problem with representative government of any kind is that people soon find out that they can vote themselves "bread and circuses" at the expense of others. This they do, with the help of the looters, who just want the power. Looters "get off" on exercising power over others and will continue to steal from producers and give to moochers as long as that keeps them in power. That is their basic goal, and is what drives them.

One part of their complicated scam to keep us unaware of their thievery is the "Conspiracy" con. One good way to defuse any inquiries into their activities is to make the inquirer look foolish. So they actually promote the idea that there is a "massive conspiracy" to take away our rights and they attribute all manner of problems we have to that single, massive conspiracy. The purpose is to divert people's attention from what they're doing by conning them into paying more attention to the "massive conspiracy" than to what they're doing to us.

The fact is, it doesn't really matter if it's a single, massive conspiracy (an impossibility because of the number of people involved and the need to keep secrecy) or many smaller ones, fueled by a philosophy. The cure is the same: investigation and exposure. If enough people knew what they're doing, there'd be a revolution by morning. For more information on conspiracy theories see the article: "Is It One Conspiracy?" Click on the link to read it.

The philosophy is "Forced Altruism," which is different from basic altruism by the fact that it is not your decision to be altruistic. Someone else makes that decision for you. Under forced altruism, money and property is taken from you (stolen) by the looters running the government and used to pay the moochers who vote to keep them in power. You have no choice in the matter. If you don't want to support the things the forced altruists wish to support with your money, tough luck. They've got the power and they'll make the decisions. You just get to keep on working so they can take more and more, the more you earn.

"RULING" THROUGH FEAR: Their chief method is fear. They create a problem or build an existing one up out of proportion, then publicize it everywhere they can until you start yelling for a solution. Then they offer a solution that takes away one or more of the rights you have left, and usually some more of your money. With this method, they've conned the American people out of their socks over the last 50 years or so. The principle involved is called "The Hegelian Principle," after the man who first stated it as a principle. Thus, in increments too small for you to notice, they're taking away your freedoms, one by one, and using your money to finance it.

Is this what you want for yourself and your family? Do you want to keep working and earning while the looters in government continue to steal more than half of what you earn? (No wonder it takes two salaries to raise a family today. One of the salaries goes to pay the taxes!) If you'd like to help change things, to stop the looters from stealing from you to buy the votes to keep themselves in power, I can show you how. Just subscribe to my FREE online newsletter, "Beyond Common Sense." Click on the "Beyond Common Sense" link to the left. In it, I keep you informed as to what their current con is, and bring you news the liberal mainstream news media wants to keep from you. It comes out every other week and it's a valuable resource for you if you want to keep more of what you earn, and continue to have a say in what happens to you. You may also want to subscribe to the "Forced Altruism List," where you may receive daily updates and give your opinion to all other subscribers, too. Just click on the Forced Altruism List link and sign up. Unsubscribing is just as easy.

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