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It's about power.

There are many people (most of them liberals) who will call me paranoid after reading this report and it might even be true. But there is something they ought to remember: even a paranoid can have enemies.


Everybody thinks the anti-smoking and the anti-gun propaganda campaigns now being waged are separate issues, but they're not. They're both part of the same issue: the power to tell you that you can't. One of our [former, thank goodness -RT] top-level bureaucratic social engineers (FDA Director David Kessler) said it very plainly when he demanded that the U. S. Government either declare that tobacco is a drug and let him regulate it, or let him ban it altogether. And that if they didn't, he'd do it anyway, administratively. Meaning he'll make regulations (not backed by statute) to accomplish his aims whether or not Congress goes along with it. This is "unbridled power" and is exactly what all bureaucrats want. It's also unconstitutional.


What that means is he believes he is above the law. And that if Congress doesn't do what he wishes, he can make regulations to do it against their will. The anti-smoking fanatics and the anti-gun fanatics use the same tactics in their respective propaganda campaigns: misinformation, disinformation, and many so-called studies that not only ignore figures that tend to prove them wrong, but use these flawed figures to make erroneous declarations. Example: the former Surgeon General's famous report that purported to prove statistically that smoking was bad for your health. Did you actually read that report? I did.


But most of the anti-smoking fanatics didn't. Or if they did, they just don't care that at the end of each study's so-called findings is the disclaimer that much more work needs to be done before considering it to be a definitive study. Yet the surgeon general used these studies as the basis for the announcement that will probably result in cigarettes ultimately being banned, just as alcohol was banned, to our continual shame at our governmental stupidity.


At this point, I deem it important to tell you that I do not smoke. Neither do I drink alcohol, and never have. At this writing, I don't even own a gun, although I'm seriously considering getting one for self-protection. So I have no bone to pick, except to bring out in public the tactics used by the social engineers to take your rights away from you and unto themselves.


In both campaigns, they use the same tactics to refute challenges to their pronouncements. They don't answer the charges: they merely label the person who is making the charges as being "...with the National Rifle Association" or as "...part of the tobacco lobby." The inference is that "…nothing that members of either group says can be believed, so it isn't necessary to answer their charges." So are government agencies and anti-smoking or anti-gun organizations to be automatically believed?


Serious questions have been raised in the scientific community about the methods used by EPA to arrive at the conclusions presented in their celebrated report on ETS (Environmentally Transmitted Smoke, or "Second-Hand Smoke"). This leads to real doubts about the validity of the report. News reporters never read these reports, nor do they look into the methodology that is used in compiling them. They just take what the social engineers say at face value and write their articles. In this, they are very gullible -- or in collusion. What is it they should have looked into?


A recently released report by the federal government's own Congressional Research Service revealed that they had done a two year study of the same data used by the EPA in their ETS scam and found the whole report to be contrived (See Special Report #21: "EPA Lies: Press Swears To It").


Just a few questions about the anti-gun campaign:

I'm not going to go into detail about the similarity of methodology used by the anti-gun fanatics to that used by the anti-smoking fanatics. I just don't have the room here. But what I am going to do is to challenge you to read between the lines in every piece of propaganda you see in the papers, on the radio and on TV. Check the sources and the methodology, and never -- never believe anything you read or hear unless you see the proof for yourself.

Don't let them con you.

The first thing you must do to help in this fight is to keep yourself informed as to things the power seekers don't want you to know.

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