Links to other sites on the Web

Accuracy in Media: Reports on media lies

The Ayn Rand Web Site: All about logic and objective thinking

The Cato Institute: A highly respected Washington think tank from which has come much good information for those who think for themselves and value their freedom.

Clinton's Executive Orders: Clinton has signed more executive orders than any other president. this is in line with his threat to "rule by executive order if Congress opposes me." Here they are.

Congresspersons' Email Addresses: Email your comments

More Congressional email addresses: Another source

Still more Congressional and Senate email addresses

The Daily Outrage: Every day a new power seeker outrage

The Drudge Report and hundreds of media and national columnist web sites

Free Republic Forum: A web site containing a conservative forum, links to many news organizations not found on Drudge's page, and lots more of interest to those interested in individual rights, adherence to the Constitution, and free speech.

Heritage Foundation: One of the most influential conservative Washington DC think tanks.

Hillsdale College: Probably the only college in the U. S. which refuses to accept federal funds and therefore is in charge of its own curriculum.

Institute For Justice: An alternative to the ACLU for those whose basic rights have been violated or denied by the State

Institute For Objectivist Studies: This site teaches Objectivist philosophy.

House of Representatives Web Site: All about The House

Informed self-government information: An excellent resource

Laissez Faire Books: This company publishes and distributes books about individualism, laissez faire capitalism, Objectivism, Libertarianism, and any other subject of interest to individualists and Objectivists. Lots of valuable links.To receive their book reviews by email, click the link above.

The Library of Congress: Anything you ever wanted to know about government or just about anything else.

The Link Bunker: A collection of important links

Objectivist viewpoint: From yet another perspective.

Patriotic Resources: This is a resource in itself. This site contains links to literally hundreds of sources of information on the many facets of the scams and schemes the power seekers are working on us every day.

Senate Web Site: Where they put Senators' web sites and email addresses

World Net Daily: The Number One source for news not "filtered" by the "mainstream" news media's liberal bias. Not "way out there" on the right, either. Just news that the power seekers in our government would rather not let you see. This is a site you should visit every day before you do anything else. Clicking the link will let you sign up for free daily email updates on what's in today's edition. Also has links to many other news sources including the "infamous" Drudge Report.

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