Who Is Really Abusing Children?

Copyright 1997 By Ray Thomas

Has anyone bothered to find out just who it is breaking up families all over the country? Some people blame people like me and others in the VOCAL (Victims of Child Abuse Laws, Inc.) organization who are very critical of the "witch-hunt" atmosphere in the child protection business today. They claim we are "against the family" and just want to "make things easier for the child abuser." They claim that we are doing everything in our power to hurt family values.

To those who say that, I ask: "Just who is it that takes children from their families at the slightest hint of "possible" abuse and puts them in foster homes where they're statistically much more likely to be abused by the foster parents or other residents than at home? Or into juvenile detention centers where they are mixed with all ages of children, some of them gang members and even murderers -- where they are almost guaranteed to be beaten or sexually assaulted? How about those who find no place at all to put them and so shuttle them back and forth from office to office like so much luggage and they're forced to sleep on the floors there? Isn't this child abuse?


I'm a grandfather who is afraid to be alone with the grandchildren he loves because someone who has a dispute with me might someday anonymously accuse me of child abuse and those "dirty-minded" people at the child protection agency will believe him with no more "evidence" than that and ruin my life. I'm also a father. And even though I was not even accused of any wrongdoing when the child protectors went after my equally innocent former wife (I wasn't even in the state), I have not seen two of my children since 1970. Even though they could not prove any charges against their mother, and didn't even have any at all for me, they kept them anyway and used every scam and scheme possible to keep them and put them up for adoption.


I'm a man who still fears that someone, somewhere, will accuse him of an imaginary evil deed that could have happened many years ago based on the long-discredited "recovered memory syndrome (now known as "false memory syndrome)" that some judges still accept as evidence. Under this theory, anybody can allege that anybody else is guilty of child sex abuse, even murder, and that they "just remembered it" under "treatment." Many judges have put people in prison for long terms based on these unsupported claims with no independent corroborating evidence.


I'm afraid to be alone with any child because the "Good Samaritan Laws" make it so easy for anybody to accuse anybody else of child abuse or child sex abuse without fear of legal reprisal even if the report can be proven to be a lie and brought up for personal gain. Meanwhile that same law forces anybody who regularly deals with children to report even the slightest suspicion of child abuse (they call them "mandated reporters) under the threat of punishment of they don't, and complete protection if they do. So naturally they will, in self-protection. Even if they don't really believe the case represents real child abuse but are afraid someone else will.


Lawyers routinely advise people to allege child abuse because there is "no cost." They can't be punished even if their perfidy is proven. There has been a huge rise in allegations of child abuse by people in all kinds of adversary situations because of this, but especially in contested divorce actions. Landlords in landlord-tenant disputes are another large group of false accusers. But the "child protectors," who should know better, accept such reports as true and routinely ruin the lives of families based on false reports.

People are becoming more and more aware of the ease with which they can set the "child protector hounds a-baying" after somebody with a simple anonymous telephone call to a child abuse hotline and they're doing it a lot more often. It's an easy and simple way to get back at someone who has displeased them. It's an "atom bomb" to a family. And no one can punish them for it. In most cases they can't even ask who they are.

And when the child protectors get into it they care not about such inconveniences as guilt. You're automatically guilty because some anonymous person said you were. From that point on, their only goal in most cases is to take your children away from you permanently. They'll do anything, say anything, twist your every word and act, lie to you and about you, and those lies will be accepted as "evidence" in their "rubber-stamp courts."

If, for some reason, the court finds you not guilty, they will keep the children and continue their relentless efforts to destroy your family. To them, the fact that the court didn't find you guilty means nothing. You're still guilty. They just couldn't prove it. And since their action to keep your children is "civil" and not really related to the criminal action, they can do it.


Eighty percent! And that's by their own figures! Still they treat every accusation as gospel. They go after the family with a vengeance, using the full power and authority of the government, spending ,money like water, destroying family after family, day after day, eighty percent of which are innocent! In the process they're often guilty of child abuse and even child sex abuse themselves.


This is one of their favorite "treatments." A phallus-shaped object is inserted into a girl's vagina or a ring is placed around the base of a boy's erect penis (I don't know what they do to make it erect). Then they're shown government-made pornography to "find out what turns them on." This is true! I couldn't have even imagined doing such a thing to a child, let alone make it up. And remember: many of these children are as young as twelve years of age! They call this "treatment." I call it "government perpetrated child sex abuse." What would you call it?


More and more people, male and female alike, are making it their business to never be alone with a child. Not even their own, for fear of being the subject of a vicious accusation caused by the current child abuse hysteria. Consequently, people like me, who love children, are denied the innocent fun of playing with their grandchildren or with any others because of the "dirty minds" of the "child protectors." Children are denied the love and affection they need and used to be able to expect from parents, grandparents, care-givers, and others who love them. Teachers and other caregivers who used to regularly show affection for their charges now are afraid to touch them. And the children just don't understand why these people now shy away from them. They just know they do.


There is now a shortage of people willing to work with children. No one seems able to figure out why. I can, can you?

The job of the child protectors is to see to it that every child has a place to be "safe and warm." But instead they rip them from their loving families and put them in placeds where they can really be hurt. The children cannot understand why they've been "stolen away." So the net result of what the child protectors do is to directly physically and sexually abuse them while they're undergoing the very real indirect abuse of being torn from their homes and the arms of their loving families and being subjected to what can best be described as an "uncertain future."

Many of them never see their parents again and end up not caring because a concerted effort has been made to poison their minds against their parents. They often stay "in the system" until they become adults, at which time they're dumped at a bus stop with a few bucks and advice on how to get on welfare. Which only reinforces their own dependency on the system.

I love my two boys, but I'm afraid that if I ever see them again they'll reject me because their minds have been poisoned against me. I'd like to find my boys and tell them how I feel. But I don't know if I could take it if they rejected me. Could you?

To further understand this problem, you should read Global Control of Your Children."

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