A Ploy to Gain Power

Copyright 1999 By Ray Thomas


Historically, the people I call serial power-grabbers (also known as looters) have always gravitated to government service because that's where the chances for them to grab power over other's lives are the greatest. Sure, there are opportunities for that in any bureaucracy, private or public, but none more so than in government.


One of the ploys they've used down through the years -- and one that has worked well for them -- is the creation of hysteria among the people. This system was enumerated many years ago by the philosopher G. W. F. Hegel, and it carries his name, being called: "The Hegelian Principle." It is designed to create hysteria and allow laws to be made that would not have been allowed by the people without this previous conditioning. Creating hysteria requires just three steps:

  1. Create a problem or take a small problem and convince people that it is one of monumental proportions threatening our way of life.
  2. Publicize the problem, using every possible means of communication to whip up the desired hysteria among people who don't pay attention to politics as a rule and are thus subject to believing lies. Then:
  3. Offer a solution: When these people hysterically demand a solution to the problem you have created, you then offer one; one that will take away one or more additional rights, and usually more tax money, putting more power over their lives in the hands of the power-grabbers. There are several good examples of this principle operating as this is written:

These are just a few of the numerous scams the serial power-grabbers have going. There are so many going now that one person, let alone many, can't even keep track of them all, let alone write about them coherently -- and that's part of the plan of the power-grabbers: if it would take a 500-page book just to list them all, how are we going to stop them? Recognize them and oppose them: I spend just about all my time now opposing and alerting people about these scams. You don't have to do that much - just don't let them con you into giving permission for your own enslavement any longer. Oppose them at every opportunity and you might even win. If you don't win, in a few years, you'll live in a dictatorship.

The first thing you must do to help in this fight is to keep yourself informed as to things the power seekers don't want you to know.

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