Says "Chicken Little" Gore

Copyright 1999 By Ray Thomas

Does Global Warming really exist? Is Al Gore right when he tries to tell us that if we don't do something -- anything -- soon, life will cease to exist as we know it? Or is he wrong, and simply using this as a means to become president? Let's look at the facts:

Dr. Fred Singer, professor emeritus of environmental sciences at the University of Virginia and president of The Science and Environmental Policy Project in Fairfax, VA, author of "Hot Talk, Cold Science: Global Warming's Unfinished Debate," and formerly in charge of the weather satellite service for the U. S. Government, the man who devised the basic instrument for measuring atmospheric ozone, says not.

Quoted in a recent issue of The Limbaugh Letter, Dr. Singer said: "If CO2 really has an effect the way their theory says it does, then we should be seeing a very substantial warming. Instead, as I mentioned, the weather satellites, the best global data we have, show a cooling over the last 20 years." (Emphasis added)


Dr. Singer would like to begin a scientific debate with those scientists who are pushing the Global Warming scam, but they don't want to do that. It might cause them to be proven wrong. Instead, they just insult Dr. Singer and all the other scientists who don't buy the Global Warming con, and call them names. As with most liberals, they won't argue a case on its merits, they just pin labels on those who oppose their theories so they won't have to.

I hate to quote Rush Limbaugh because so many people who should know better automatically dismiss whatever he says in a "knee-jerk reaction," instead of looking carefully at what he has to say and researching it (I don't agree with all his opinions but I've never caught him in a lie). However, I haven't seen anything, anywhere, which says it better than he did in his book, "The Way Things Ought To Be." He says this:

"The fact is, we couldn't destroy the earth if we wanted to... The earth is over 4 billion years old. The "archenemy of nature," man, has been on the planet no more than 200,000 years. Man cannot even come close to creating the powerful forces of nature-many of them damaging and destructive-yet these forces have been around for the same 4 billion years the earth has. And the earth is still there! Imagine that! It is a beautiful thing. Even if we dedicated all of our mental and physical resources to destroying the planet, even if we put Daryl Gates in charge of the effort, we couldn't do it."


The Gore people insist that, since 2,500 scientists read a report supporting their theory put out by the United Nations and "agreed" with it, it must be right. But what they don't tell you is that what those 25,000 scientists read and agreed to was not the same report which was read and commented upon by reporters.

Anybody who actually reads the United Nations' 2,000 page report on Global Warming will find out that all those 2,500 scientists were agreeing to is that: "We don't know!"

Reporters, who obviously did not read the 2,000-page report but who only read the seven-page "summary," saw only the things Gore's people wanted them to see: a summary that completely distorted what the report actually said. They knew these reporters wouldn't wade through 2,000 pages, so they gave them a convenient seven-page summary that said just the opposite of what the actual report said.

Another thing Singer said in this interview: "[T]he funny thing is, if the climate did warm -- and it does warm from time to time -- whenever climate warms, it's good for people. Agriculture benefits. We have longer growing seasons. We have fewer frosts. More carbon dioxide in the atmosphere makes plants grow faster. We get more precipitation. Farmers get more rain. And what we've just discovered is that the sea level will not rise as fast -- it may even go down if it warms.

"And this is based on the analysis of data. Real data." (Emphasis added)


Many of the scientists who were big in the "Global Cooling" debate 20 years ago are now the biggest fans of the Global Warming scam. Whatever becomes the popular theory today becomes "their theory" so they can keep the grant money coming from the government and from the elitist foundations.


On the other hand, one of the big problems is the pressure being put on other scientists, most of whom are dependent upon government grants to finance their research. The older ones, who are not as dependent because of their tenure and reputation, are not afraid -- which is why most of those speaking out against the hoax are older. For the most part it's the younger ones who have yet to have "made their marks" who agree with Dr. Singer in private, but who will not do it publicly for fear of losing their grant money. To intimidate scientists this way in order to promote a bogus scientific theory is unconscionable. And the scientists who go out of their way to promote this scam to keep the money coming in are weaklings and scoundrels.


Not only is there no conclusive evidence to prove the Global Warming theory-there is a lot of evidence to the contrary that proponents refuse to debate. Let's look at some of it:


Al Gore has pinned his hopes for the presidency on the environment -- specifically Global Warming -- and he will allow no opposition. He even attempted to bar those who didn't agree with him from the Japanese meeting -- or at the very least, to muzzle them. Congress says they'll block any agreement that exempts most of the rest of the world while applying only to us and a few other countries. Gore has "thrown down the gauntlet" to them.


Even if we wanted to, we couldn't destroy the environment or increase the CO2 emissions significantly for any length of time. The sun always replenishes it before any damage can be done. So why are we going to spend billions of dollars and raise the cost of living significantly for all Americans and further limit their rights when we can't even prove there's a problem?

Why are we listening to "the sky is falling" Gore? His book: "The Earth in the Balance," has already been discredited, since it's primarily based on faulty science. Yet people continue to believe what he says.

We need to start believing the real scientists who say otherwise and ignore the names Gore and his ilk have been calling them. It's all a scam to get more tax money, more control over you, and to get Al Gore elected president so he can rape you some more. Are you going to allow it?

The first thing you must do to help in this fight is to keep yourself informed as to things the power seekers don't want you to know.

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