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My Favorite Movies

Welcome to the page on my favorite movies. Here I will list the movies that I like and why I like them.

Petter Pan

Petter Pan was one of my favorite Disney films. Well I really like them all but Petter Pan was one of the best. I think it would be fun to fly and to have a pixie friend that would be cool. It was done very well and I also saw the new one called Return to Never Land. It was done well too. Any way I recomend that if you havn't seen Petter Pan then you should

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

This movie was done very well although they left out some of my favorite parts from the book. The book is some where around 500 pages so a 3 hour movie isn't gonna show everything or all the characters. Still I really like how they did it and they made every thing so belivable the special affects are great. I totaly recomend this to every one who is older then oh about 10.

The Shire is so beautiful I would love to go to New Zealand and look at the area that they made it in.

The Majestic
I love this movie. It is very interesting and sad. It shows humor along with having a storyline that is based apon a time when Movie writers were getting black listed. It is a great movie for the whole family.

Cats and Dogs

This is one of the cutest movies that you will find with a battle between cats and dogs. Yes I know i'm a cat person and the movie does give cats well that is saying a little too much. I totaly recomend this for the whole family.

Another good movie is The Family Man. This movie has a great story line and as a happy ending. It is very sensitive and humorous at the same time. I highly recomend this to any family that would like to watch a movie together.

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