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Wecome to Sassy's Page

Sassy was my pet bunny that I had for 4 years, because of him it seemed longer. He was born on my birthday soo he was extra special. Sassy had traveled from Northern California to Southern California with me, he was a traveling bunny. :0) Sassy would go swimming with me in the river and the lake which is close by to where I live. Sassy has also gone out in our paddle boat, what fun!!! Sassy was always there to hold when I needed comforting or when I was ill and wanted to feel better. I wish he was here when my grandmother died on December 3rd, 1999, I could of used the comforting. Some don't understand that animals are the best when it comes to comforting, don't ask way they just are.
Rest in peace Sassy.
April 20, 1995 - June 17, 1999

Melynda & Sassy December 1995

I'll Miss You Sassy!!!!

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