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My Grapic Art

Welcome to my Gallery of my art work please do not take these images because they do not belong to you.
At the moment I'm featuring two of My Pony drawing from My Little Pony. I love to draw ponies, for they are colorfull and fun.

Fizzy and Thumper

I painted this on cool press board. First I covered the sketch with matt medium then I painted it with Acrylic. I added in some highlights and shadows with pastel, and did some outlining with ink.


I had did a quick sktech at work on a piece of sratch paper then I scanned her in and colored her in Photoshop.

User icons For Live Journals

We are now to the user icons that I made for my live journal. If you would like one let me know and i would be happy to make you one.


lion cubhorsecubvinca
redneck homelambfuzzyrevindellcowsheep

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