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My Family

Welcome to the page about my family. The place where you get to meet the peopel that have made me who I am today!

Shawn, Dad, and Me

Meet my brother Shawn. He is 22 years old and works hard. My bother hardly has anytime for play but he is an all round cool guy. At the moment he is working as a mechanic. When we were younger my brother and I looked alot alike. In ways we still do but not as much so now.
Meet My Father George. He is one is working for mariots as part of the maintence crew. The truth here is that I am my father's daughter. We get along great, see he isn't just my father but he is a friend too.

My Mother and My Grandmother

Meet my mom Diana. She is really cool when we get along. I know she loves me, but our personalities clash alot. I do love her all the same though. Meet my Grandma Ann. Grandma is one of the coolest people I know. While I'm going to college she is letting me stay with her and Grandpa. I have to say that I have come to appriciate alot more things since I have come to stay with them.

My mom's side of the family in 1997

Family 2001

Mom's side of the family in 2001. My cousin Jessica put this together.

Family 2003
Here's the family again. In the year 2003 Two of my cousins got married one at the end of April and the other at the beginning of May. So this is at My cousin Charity's wedding.

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