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Sheep are fun to raise for fair. In the past 5 years that I have shown sheep at the fair I have had fun. I show Market Lambs and Range Ewes. I have shown at the fair with the FFA since 1997. I will be raising my 6th and last Market Lamb for the local 2002 County Fair

Sheep bar

Sweety & Melynda August 1998

Sweety is a range ewe, a range ewe is breeding stock. I raised Sweety for the 1998 Nevada County Fairs range ewe lamb class, she got 7th place.

Melynda, Sweety, & Hope

Sweety & Hope were my range ewes at the 1999 Nevada County Fair. This picture was taken before I washed them, and got help to shere them properly. Sweety got 2nd in the yearling class and Hope got 5th in the lamb class.

Sheep jump fence

Here is Sweety with her lambs back in March 2000

Sweety and her lambs

Melynda & Hope

Hope is being carded in this picture. After I carded her Ms. Henderson (my ag advisor) cliped her to try and make her look perfect.

The sheep belong to my mom now since I won't be able take care of them when I go to college.


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