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Chica Baker A Hobbit From Buckland

This Page is all about Chica a shy hobbit if you take time to listen she will tell you about her self. She can be found at Neopets under the Screen Name GandalfWhiteRider.


Hello there my name is Chica and I'm a hobbit from the Buckland part of the Shire. Orginally I was born in Hobbition but when I was very young my family moved to Buckland. I'm also a Christian, or should I say I'm a Jesus Freack! I love to read books and sing songs, I can be usualy found siting on a tree branch reading a book. I am destined to find adventures to go on. I have just come of age (which means that I'm 33)and I was very bored of the farm life that I lived. I have two horses they are Kona and Amber. Amber is named that because she is the color of the amber stone with a silver mane and tail. Kona is a golden palamino and is Amber's half brother. Amber goes everywhere with me and I feel honored that she lets me ride her all over the places. I am one of the best riders in Middle-Earth even though I am a hobbit. Kona just follows us everywhere and somtimes he will carry our extra luggage or let people that we meet ride him, that is if they are nice and are going in the same direction. I have a brother but I don't see much of him. His name is Otho, and he and I spent a lot of time climbing trees when we were growing up. I have learned the art of Tree Hopping, which I'm very good at. I am only really good at riding and tree hopping though, however, I have been succesful at corp raiding. I have traveled to many places including Bree, Rivendell, and Lothlorien. I'm planning on visiting Faghorn and Mirkwood soon and eventully I'll make it to the Lonely Mountian. I have no need to stay in the Shire since I don't seem to have very many friends. I'm very kind and love to help others but none seem to really be friends when I need some one to lean on or to talk to. Oh wait I do have a few true friends in the Shire their names are Poppy Took(hobbit1444), Froda Burrows (froda_the_hobbit), and Pambi Took (carmon12). Also I met a really cool creature that goes by the name Phoenix (strawberryseed2). I enjoy talking with the Elves that go thourgh the Shire every now and again, and I've been labeled an Elf Friend. I don't speack their language though. Oh and at any sign of really dangerous trouble I have a tendencey to disapear.

The horses in my life.

I learned to ride horses at a very young age since I grew up on a Farm. Our Horses are work horses and they help us till the fields. Chili is one our best horses whenit comes to working in the fields she is always ready for the days work. She is a Chestnut Quarter Pony about 13.2 hands high.
Amber and Kona where given to me as a gift from the Riders of Rohan. I'm sure you can tell that those to are very special to me. Kona is a Palamino Quarter Horse and is 15 hands high. Amber is a Champane Quarter Pony and is 14.2 hands high. Amber and I ride all over the Shire but we love to go on our adventures and leave the Shire behind often.
Our other Animals

We also own a whole bunch of sheep. However, only one sheep is special to me a young ewe. When she was a lamb she would have died if I hadn't found her. I brought her up to the barn and warmed her up, but her mother wouldn't take her back so I raised her. Her name is Lily and when I'm home she folows me around. When I'm away on my adventures I do miss that little ewe but she wouldn't last if she came with me.
We also have a milk cow, 15 chickens, and 12 rabbits. Our milk cow keeps gives us plenty of milk every day we even give some to our niehgbors so it doesn't spoil. The Cow's name is Vanila. The chickens supply us with more then enough eggs so we sell the extra eggs to other Hobbit families. Oh and Springtime is the best I just love it when we have baby chicks, bunnies, and lambs. We have meat rabbits and pet rabbits. The lops are so cute and everyone love to but one around Easter.

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