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The Mile Higher Club: San Francisco

Borrowing heavily from the Amadan page, I've simply added a few characters specific to Mile Higher Club.

Ennis and Paloma

Mercurian and Menunite of Blandine Among many angels in San Francisco, Ash was sent to these two to handle the matter of the Baron. Ennis seems wise if a little cynical. He is mentor to the newly-fledged Paloma, who seems to have have good book-learning but so far very little education on the ground. Ennis, mindful of her inexperience, keeps his more cynical opinions to himself in her presence.

Pacific World Bank

They are a investment firm that does banking, their primary focus is on big, risky money. This hasn't always paid off: back in the 90's when they were simply Watari Bank, they took a huge hit in the market and nearly went under. At that point they merged with a family who'd had a large stake in a former Soviet bank--the Russians had capital, the Wataris more or less knew how to use it. The deal was nearly ruined when the Watari patriarch, Tatsuya, died of radiation sickness under suspicious circumstances. Rumors variously put either family into organized crime, or on the outs with a family of organized crime in either Russia or Japan