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Unfortunately I don't have L. Castellorum, which puts me at a disadvantage in keeping them in canon.  The following list is therefore not exhaustive--there are plenty of others in the world not listed here.  For Los Angeles in MHC however, this is it.

Canon tethers in play:

Michael--Death Valley

A quiet escape in the desert the place has the privacy to practice fighting in corporeal form.  Still most of the time it enjoys the preternatural quiet and starry darkness of the mid-desert.  Janus and his servitors are fond of the place much for that reason, and Davidians have been known to stop by for recreation. 
Survived the Maximilian incident with almost no impact, being over four hours' drive from the city.

(pg 78, Fall of the Malakim.  Per MHC house rules, Elshakeh does not have non-choir attunements)

Eli--Watts Towers (broken)

The Northridge earthquake in 1994 put the last nail in the coffin for this tether of Eli (canon puts its decommissioning considerably earlier, in 1948 with the death of its Seneschal Zebedee)

(pg 42, inset)

Gabriel--crater at Mt. Kilauea

A little-used tether, despite being the only known tether on the Hawaiian islands, and then usually only used to get angels off the islands. (Superiors 3, pg 54 mentioned)

Tethers in San Francisco
Use any in David Edelstein's page here, and feel free to invent any reasonable additional one. San Francisco is virtually the angelic capital of the country and riddled with tethers.
Tethers include the Palace Hotel, having been rebuilt after a disastrous fire in the quake of 1906, it is now a tether to Gabriel.

Off-canon tethers in play

Eli--Soul Food restaurant

Its Seneschal, the Mercurian Elias, holds the Role of chef, restauranteur, and community activist. He has helped build this mostly secret tether in the heart of Watts.  He tightly controls who exits and enters its backroom, and in 14 years it has so far not been breached.

Janus--above the clouds

What, you expected a tether of Janus to stand still?  Held in cooperation with Marc, the back section of a particular 767 is quietly his tether.  It only seems to operate when the plane is in flight, and for privacy reasons it only usually gets fully celestial on the red-eye.  Even so, when its Seneschal, a Kyriotate who goes by Derek, gives the signal it's perfectly okay to talk about anything.  He knows when you're being overheard, or not.
Derek most often inhabits a flight attendant, preferring men.

Marc--Manny's Pizza, downtown Pasadena

With its proximity to Los Angeles, Marc has had to fight hard to keep a foothold in Pasadena.  Once he held the Equator coffeehouse but lost it to a slow encroachment by Nybbas, who convinced its owners to allow Beverly Hills 90210 to be filmed there.  It is now, suspiciously, an "Asian fusion" restaurant, no longer a funky cafe.
Marc's Seneschal moved their base to nearby Manny's, a comfortable Italian restaurant just down the street that is still reasonably priced and welcoming to people who want to linger and enjoy.
It is a constant battle with Mammon, as the city becomes gentrified and mall-ified.  There are unconfirmed rumors that Marc also has a roaming tether in an ice-cream truck in the rougher parts of Los Angeles.