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The Pacific War

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In Nomine: the Pacific War
A play by post game on the Steve Jackson Games forum

The gods and the ghosts

Their role in the rising tensions is not clear, yet, except for that of the loose cannon (and instigator):


Ah-Puch aka Frank

'Frank' is both Julia's lover and her murderer, and she his worshipper.  He is a Mayan god known for his taste for bloody sacrifices---which, decades ago before their imprisonment, she was happy to provide for him.  He's an instinctual creature, and will pursue his threads (blood, slaughter, sacrifice, betrayal) in a single-minded fashion.  It has always worked before.

his devotee

in the jar marked "ghost from the movies" is a model-thin ghost of a woman with a distended stomach.  She's beautiful and speaks with a profound Italian accent, so it's possible that all the fishy things she's said are about language and culture differences.  And it's possible she's lying.

She and the god are based loosely on the characters Frank and Julia, from Hellraiser/The Hellbound Heart.

Black Shuck

Black Shuck
from the jar marked "Hellhound"
Shuck is no Hellhound--on the contrary, he is by some legends Odin's own faithful dog.  He's an old legend, one I first read when I was of grade school age.  The best writeup I've seen on the web is here:
He does in fact protect lone women on the highway, and his presence otherwise bodes death for those who see him. 
So what you have is a dog who has premonitions of death and is drawn to them, but is otherwise mentally just another dog.  Sicc him on someone and with his size and strength that someone had better have a small metal object to hide in.  Offer him the right combination of gestures, sounds, and smells and he's yours to command.  Get it wrong and you could lose a hand.

The Wild Hunt

A loose collection of gods from northern Europe, the Wild Hunt is seen as a thunderous stampede of horse, man and dog crossing the countryside by land or air. They prefer to remain frightening and mysterious, but some names have come out of the party's encounter with them.
Odin is at times its leader, though Cernunnos or simply The Horned One at times takes the reins, at other times merely observes.
Black Shuck was once among its number.
Hereward the Wake, the Watcher, hero of old England, rides with them.
Bernhard von Galen, the late prince-bishop of Munster.
Assorted Vikings and hunters. Robin Hood is rumored to be among them, though it's hardly his style.
 photo sch-hunt_zps33c3bb51.gif

The Olympians

Not in Heaven's favor, they nonetheless are the healthiest of the early pantheons. Centuries of classical 'literature' have helped keep their images alive. In a few cases active cults still exist, and while much changed from their original forms they still provide vital Essence to their gods. They have the most to lose if Heaven renews hostilities, which they're likely to do if they have to notice how widely the Ban has been flaunted.
 photo artemis-kr_zps5c2c2e8d.jpg


Fierce but loving patron goddess of Mount Kilauea, she along with her brothers and sisters are protectors of the Hawai'ian islands..  Gathering essence into her volcano from thousands of tourists, spreading her legends throughout the world, she has used this and the islands' unique location to make of Hawai'i an ethereal sanctuary.  Without an Archangel or Demon Prince of the oceans and waters, the islands sit in a celestial void,and any celestial who visits is gently nudged away.  The drawback is that this void is like a silence, magnifying any disturbance that is made.
She is protective of Ryuki, his daughter Grace and his mentor James as she is of any mortal who is dedicated to her.   The sole tether in the Hawaiian islands, to her chagrin, is a tether of Gabriel on Mt. Kilauea itself. Fire uses it judiciously, knowing from experience that Pele will drive interlopers into the crater and not care whether they'll go through Trauma on the way off her island.