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Gerald Kingston

Based loosely on Kenny Kingston, long-standing "Psychic to the Stars". This is a fictional version, drawn from his public image in the tabloids and among the witchy gossip set.


Gerald Kingston is nearly a standard-issue sorcerer, L.A. style. He gained his power the old-fashioned way for old-fashioned reasons, swore an oath to a demon in order to gain fame and fortune. Gain it he has, or had anyway. Now his 'famous' clients are one-hit wonders and forgotten TV stars, and his fees are down to the range where slightly desperate average people can afford them. He lends his name and a badly-outdated photo to various phone services and assorted scams, clinging to old glories and diminishing wealth.
But Gerald is getting old, and knows the tales well enough to believe his demonic benefactor will come collecting soon. So of course he's taking steps to avoid an eternity in Hell, as any sane man would do. He's a clever old man...clever not to be confused with smart.

Gerald's Collection of Exotically Sealed Jars, at Least Those that Made the Transit to San Francisco

These are labelled by the character who heard them speak. Spoiler information in background color.
  • Silent 1: Told to never open it, that it screws up technology. Servitor of Vapula, Demon of Automated Signature Machines.
  • Silent 2: Will o'wisps
  • Silent 3: Hellhound Black Shuck, canid ghost that can track 'Huatl', ordinarily tracks those who deaths are imminent.
  • Silent 4: Banshee Primitive ethereal, weeps and gathers Essence. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • GM 1: Demon of some consequenceDemon of Tinnitis Nightmares about Escalators
  • M2: errand spirit
  • K1: goddess of Eleusisborn in the Victorian age but thinks she's ancient.
  • A2: Really old demon speaks Enochian, servitor of Hatiphas
  • GM3: (undefined)
  • Z4: some nightmare spirit Would not transit the ice cream tetherspeaks three dead languages
  • ZL1: messengerslightly smarter errand demon
  • ML2: ghost from the movies (Julia, currently at the Dream tether in San Francisco. She's described as wearing a diaphanous, Empire-waisted dress that moves in an unseen breeze and which conceals an enlarged abdomen. She clearly speaks and understands Italian, and seems functional enough in English. She claims to know of a dog--presumably spirit--that can track the gory god that Kingman set free as a parting 'gift'. based on Julia from "Hellraiser", she is the god's lover and intends to lead more prey to him. In game terms, a gaki.
  • KL3: Needs written hieroglyphics, or pictograms. It's an Impudite that never learned English and is somewhat deaf
  • AL1: sneaky, only Kingman handles him. Has taken a shine to Ash. Would not transit the ice cream truck tether Habbalite former servitor of Spies, seems to have lost some brainpower in the transition
  • ZL1: like a minor Heraproud goddess who won't be judged. Represents the type of ethereal that holds a grudge
  • GM3: undefined