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In Nomine: the Pacific War
A play by post game on the Steve Jackson Games forum

The Superiors

The Superiors: Archangels and Demon Princes, generals in the War where our PC's are foot-soldiers and spy handlers. All Superiors are canonical, but these are this game's interpretations of them. Their favored vessels and why they chose them, what they've been doing where canon leaves the matter open. And, in a nod to the continuity so far, where their relations have deviated from canon. Yves and Michael are still on speaking terms, at least for now.

Eli, Creation

Loose. On the loose. Screw loose. Loose cannon. Yep, that's Eli, and it drives Dominic to fits. He's not the only one, but Eli has made himself slightly more accessible these days. He's discovered that if he gives Janus a holler that Wind will show up first and alone, and the two can chat in a fast-moving vehicle. Eli has no interest in answering for his activities yet. He wants more time to clean up first.
Back in 1957, Eli famously went on walkabout, leaving behind his memories of who and what he was. He hung onto a few powers to ensure his own survival but told no one, not even his most trusted servitors, where he was going. The plan was to experience humanity from the ground level.
Well, he did leave behind his memories of who he was, but he was still Creation. Unaware of what he was doing, he failed to pull his celestial punches when he blessed a number of pregnant women, mostly poor women in east and southeast Asia where he was less likely to be spotted by fellow angels. He and his servitors have spent the last fiftyish years tracking down those babies and tending to their special needs. Eli, Heaven's deadbeat dad, is taking responsibility. He doubts this will impress the Purity faction, so he stays effectively on the run until he feels he's gotten them all, and wants to face trial.
But c'mon--he's a free spirit, he's aware his mind is still slipping gears, and Creation must be fulfilled. He's in no hurry to turn himself in.
Eli has two favored vessels--"the hippie" for playing up his addled old man reputation, and "the bowler" for letting you know he's mostly serious.
"The hippie", based on Tommy Chong in "That 70's Show"
"The bowler", based on John Goodman in "The Big Lebowski"
Of course, that's when he wants to be recognized. Any traveling artist of unusual talent or personality risks being mistaken for Eli, especially if that artist has a fascination for kids. Most recently he was an Australian skateboarder who could decode the babble of infants.

Laurence, Archangel of the Sword

Laurence is the General, certainly, a fine strategist who can seem cold to the footsoldier until he has need of Laurence's other side. He is an angelic, psychiatrist. When an angel is fighting a Discord it is Laurence or his immediate assistants who cut the Discord out, in a delicate dance of talk therapy and 'brain' surgery. For this and the occasional heart-to-heart Laurence has a favored vessel, one that speaks of kindness and warmth above authority. This vessel is called The Brunette to his face, The Bishi behind his back.

"The Dane". No jokes about where his sword is please.

 photo v1.cDs0NTE4Nzk2O2o7MTY5NTg7MjA0ODsyNTQ7NDA0_zpsweth6cru.jpg

"The Brunette (The Bishi)" Picture taken from author and LARPer Andrew Rowe, who's amused.  photo Shadowblade_Photo_Shoot_08_052_zps9jeswbue.jpg

The Archangel Michael

While he is the war champion personified, Michael is not without...well, softer side would be the wrong word. But when he's decided to pause for a few seconds to listen to his opponent, he signals that by arriving in the vessel folks call The Introvert (and by extension, The Hunk is more politely referred to as The Extravert). It is this beardless vessel found in most classical artwork of him, perhaps because he's willing to talk to artists. Make no mistake, though, he is packing dual swords and the strength and finesse to mow down opponents with them.
This is you having a bad day, meeting Michael in his "Mr. Hunky" vessel.

 photo 944_Farnk_Miller_300_-_300SpartanWarriors_-_1_zpswi3xie0d.jpg

This is you having a good day with my muse here, Tom Wisdom as Michael in the series Dominion. Ironically Wisdom co-starred as a Spartan in "300".  photo d3_110_zpsocsfpgqb.jpg