Pacific War

The Pacific War

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Nisroc's Misfits


Baron Samedi
Petro Loa

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Psychic to the Stars

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In Nomine: the Pacific War
A play by post game on the Steve Jackson Games forum

Nisroc's Misfits

Nisroc, Angel of Spies, recruited a dozen and change spies in the Mile Higher Club story. Four of them still have a say in this story.

Ryuki Watari--see his page.
Marty Lehri, pilot who created the Red Eye tether to Wind. Now expecting his first child, he still has one eye on the psychic/fortune teller community who he'd pinned his hopes on all those years before. Faith is tolerant.
The Dylan brothers, Bill and Ed. Servitors of Dreams now, they spied on the Loa's camp, nearly getting lost there forever. They'll be more careful next time.
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