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Ryuki Watari
"the Mozart of magick"
heir to the Pacific World Bank


The only sorcerer known to be residing in angel stronghold San Francisco, he's tolerated there by the angels who are aware of his existence. Actually he's lived there his whole life; he's just been wily enough not to practice magick in San Francisco, or at least not to do so in a fixed location.
Born hearing the Symphony, only son of a woman blessed personally by Eli, Ryuki is a composer. He's surrounded by sounds no ordinary person can hear, and to stay sane he sought out someone who could teach him to sing. That someone was a semi-retired sorcerer, James Bouchier, who now goes by Kahuna.
But 'Mozart' doesn't only refer to his talent with the Symphony. Being born wealthy, Symphonic, and (by his father's side) temperamental has made him a loose cannon in some ways. All the reserve and politeness learned from his Japanese heritage is not enough to hold back the occasional outburst...sometimes genuine, sometimes calculated to persuade others.
Only a few, like Pavel, Corat, and Zahirah have seen past the PR. Acquaintances like the demons of L.A. and the occult community think of him as gifted, imperious, and a fine social poker player. He plays cards alright, but generally keeps them close to the vest.

Soldier of Creation
IST Judgement, under Spies  photo vlcsnap-2015-07-26-18h11m21s215_zpsfijf7ykr.png

A slightly unexpected choice, given that he'd have been wise to take the path of least resistance in the face of so much power. This time, though, he pushed to work for Dominic. There are his stated reasons and the ones he doesn't talk about, like with most decisions made after some consideration.
The double life of a spy is not a strain quite yet.

Briathos, Elohite of Judgement
 photo Recess_zpsfrez8beo.jpg
In the rather shallow role of "Judge Stone" Briathos supervises new Judgement soldiers. He has his hands full, but they're able and experienced hands. Briathos is relaxed and efficient and even smiles once in awhile.