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Having influenced legions of skateboarders and surfers for years, the Z-Boys and the original DogTown crew are household names and living legends among skaters. Yet, many of the people they have interacted with are not nearly as recognizable. feels that the more one knows about them, the more one can truly appreciate all that went into their skating and their place in history. From the various surfers, skaters, artists, photographers, etc., the Who’s Who is an attempt to include everyone who has in one way or another contributed to the original DogTown scene.

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Jay Adams

An original Z-Boy. Placed 3rd in the Junior Men's Freestyle at the 1975 Del Mar Nationals contest. Surfed and skated almost daily until his death on 8-14-14 in Mexico. Cause of death was a massive heart attack.

From Stacy Peralta: Jay was not the greatest pool skater, nor was he the greatest bank skater, or the greatest slalom skater or the greatest freestyler. The fact is, Jay Adams' contribution to skateboarding defies description or category. Jay Adams is probably not the greatest skater of all time, but I can say without fear of being wrong that he is clearly the archetype of modern-day skateboarding. Archetype defined means an original pattern or model, a prototype. Prototype defined means the first thing or being of its kind. He's the real thing, an original seed, the original virus that infected all of us. He was beyond comparison. To this day I haven't witnessed any skater more vital, more dynamic, more fun to watch, more unpredictable, and more spontaneous in his approach than Jay. There are not enough superlatives to describe him.

In contests, Jay was simply the most exciting skater to watch. He never skated the same run the same way twice. His routines were wickedly random yet exceedingly tight and beautiful to watch: he even invented tricks during his runs. I've never seen any skater destroy convention and expectation better. Watching him skate was something new every second: he was "skate and destroy" personified.
Jay Adams webpage

Dennis "Polar Bear" Agnew

Marina Skatepark local. Rode for Z Products. Had a signature model with Z. Jay Adams called Polar Bear “The new Biniak…control…gnarly…amazing surfer. Venice boy all the way”

Polar Bear Passed away in March 2005.
Polar Bear webpage

Tony Alva
Simply stated TONY ALVA was arguably the most important skateboarder in the world when skateboarding was still a subculture to the days when it first became an international phenomenon. He was the main personality who brought it there. His influence and contributions to the sport/art over the last 40 years or so are undeniable.

Tony still surfs and skates almost daily.
Tony Alva webpage

Alva Skates

Alva Skates started around 1977 by Tony and a business partner Pete Zhender. With the team of Raul Vega (photographer) and Eric Monson (Ad designer), Alva Skates' ads took skateboard advertising to a new level of Skateboard art. As mentioned in DogTown and Z-Boys, Alva's first ad had Tony standing in a pool with his first model. With Alva, it was about attitude and they were seen as one of the most badass skate companies of the 70's. Tony still operates Alva Skates. His decks from the 70's and 80's are highly collectible and fetch as much as 3-4 thousand for a mint condition original Leopard or punk splash design.
Alva Skates

Bobby Archer

Early-mid seventies, pre-teen shredder on the banks and in the water, called a natural by Tony Alva and Jay Adams, Archer was a year or two younger than Jay. He lived only a few blocks from Paul Revere. He had an older brother who supposedly influenced his very early burnout, made Jeff Spiccoli look like Einstein.

Chuck Askerneese

One of Marty Grimes’ bro’s and was also sponsored by Z-Flex, after his skating days faded he went on to be one of the founding members of the Ska/Mod group “The Untouchables”
Chuck skating Kenter c. 1976

Danny Bearer

1960’s skateboarding legend along with Torger Johnson, Jon Fries, and Dave & Steve Hilton. Was a big influence on Tony Alva and the early Dogtown crew’s skating. Was a member of the early Vita Pakt/Hobie Skateboard Team. Skated into the 70’s on occasion at Kenter Canyon School. Attended the second installment of the Old School Skate Jam.

Danny passed away in 2009 at his home in Santa Monica, California and was posthumously inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame.
Danny Bearer skating photos

Bellagio Elementary School

Located in the hills of Bel Air, California, Bellagio was known for its huge school yard banks. Only radical skaters were able to handle it. There was a big drop with only a few feet of room between the buildings and the banks. The tight corner was only for the most advanced bank riders. Frontside for a regular foot. By late 1976, it was a total bust and the school put TAR on the banks, parking blocks, all kinds of shit to try and keep people out. Since it was up in Bel Air, the cops were more vigilant.

Nathan Pratt skating Bellagio

Larry Bertleman

Born in Hawaii, Larry Bertleman appeared in Hal Jepsen's 1975 surfing film "Super Session" along with Nat Young, Jeff Hakman, and Gerry Lopez. His style of surfing was emulated by the Z-Boys and they put his style to use on the school yard banks. The “BERT” or “DOING A BERT” is named after Larry. Jay Adams credits Bertleman as one the biggest influences on his skating.

Larry Bertleman webpage

Bicknell Hill

The hill leading down to the beach parking lot at Bay Street one block from the original Zephyr Shop. The Z-Boys skated there almost non-stop when there were no waves. Classic photographs of the Dogtown locals were shot at Bay Street mostly by Craig Stecyk.

Bob Biniak

An original Z-Boy. Had signature models with Logan Earth Ski & DogTown Skates. Was one of the lucky few to skate the original Keyhole in Beverly Hills. Biniak was nicknamed “Bullet” for being a fast and hard rider. Posted the fastest standup time at Signal Hill in 1976. Biniak was strictly a pool and bank rider. “He’s definitely got the speed and power moves down…always skates with strength and style,” according to Stacy Peralta in 1977. Bob passed away in 2010.
Bob Biniak webpage

Brentwood Elementary School

One of the several early school yard banks frequented by DogTowners, the smallest and most mellow of all the banks, but a place that was ridden for many years. Located at the corner of Bundy and San Vicente. The banks were replaced by grass around 2000.

Bulldog Skates

Bulldog Skates is an extension of nearly thirty years of experience in the world of art and board making by Wes Humpston aka Bulldog. The beginnings of Bulldog Skates was around 1996 when Wes did a series of three hand made boards for himself, Ray Flores, and Tony Alva.

Working under the name "Street Legal Designs," Wes began to prototype some models; a longboard, a street deck, and a pig. These prototypes were never put into production but Shortly thereafter, inspired by the interest in the prototypes, Ray and Wes started the beginnings of what would later become Bulldog Skates.

In the spring of 2002, Wes began production on boards being redesigned from the ground up utilizing new molds, new suppliers, and adding die-cut grip tape (with the help of Bud Smith of Jessup). A crew of dedicated friends and skaters were assembled to help launch the new company.


Chris Cahill

Part of the original Zephyr Skate Team that competed at Del Mar in 1975. An accomplished artist. Airbrushed many of the early Zephyr surfboards that came out of Jeff Ho's Zephyr shop. Was well known as a kneeboarder.

Chris passed away in 2011.

Canyon Pool

Located across the street from actor Peter Graves' house, the Canyon Pool was an open bowl perfect for double carves. Slightly smaller than the original DogBowl. According to Wes Humpston, a bunch of guys were skating the pool when the cops busted it up one day...some got away and some got detained. Wes and Pat Keiser were hiding in some bushes and Peter Graves in a whiny voice told the police "There are 2 more kids behind those bushes...I can see their shoes." Footage of the Canyon Pool is in DogTown and Z-Boys documentary.

Paul Constantineau

An original Z-Boy. Known as P.C. to most that know him. Rode for G&S, Dogtown & Bulldog Skates. Dogbowl local.
P.C. webpage

The Cove

The Cove was a secret surf spot just south of Pacific Ocean Park (P.O.P), an amusement Park that was like Coney Island and was located at the beach in Ocean Park, the boarder line of Venice and Santa Monica. The Cove was the area of water below the amusement park which was surrounded by pilings that made for a very good right breaking wave. It was enclosed by the pilings and impossible to see from the beach. It was very localized and if you weren't from the area, you didn't surf there...the locals made sure of that.

"Baby" Paul Cullen

Zephyr Skate Team rider just before the collapse of the team. Skated for E/Z Rider. Baby Paul passed away in 2009.
"Baby" Paul Cullen webpage

Cris Dawson

An original Z-Boy. Designed the Jeff Ho/Zephyr Productions ads as well as the Marina Del Rey Skatepark logo. Cris is still doing graphic design in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles. Was a member of the Hobie Skateboard Team in the 1960's. "The skating policeman."

Del Mar Nationals

AKA “The Del Mar Ocean Festival Contest” held April 26-27, 1975 was sponsored by Bahne Skateboards and Cadillac Wheels in 1975. This is where the Z-Boys were introduced to organized skateboarding and at the same time changed the direction skateboarding went. They brought more of a surfing approach while the other skaters were doing more gymnastic styled tricks.

Devonshire Pool

A pool deep in the San Fernando Valley, was the pool that the first frontside forevers (perpetual frontside kickturns) were done at.

Dino (Dog Bowl)

Dino was a teenager with terminal cancer and asked his father to drain the family pool on their huge estate overlooking The Brentwood Country Club Golf Course.
The photo below is a very rare sighting of Dino, on film, and not wearing his classic big brimmed hat he would usually wear . . (this is part of a classic shot of Jay Adams at the Dog Bowl, just close up with the shadows opened up)

Dino From the Dog Bowl

The Dog Bowl

Originally known only to the most hardcore DT crew, it was located at 1525 San Vicente in Northern Santa Monica (first time this address have ever been given to the public.) The Dogtown crew had their own pool that they could skate in peace. "Dino's Dog Bowl" was shortened to just "The Dog Bowl." A teenager with terminal cancer asked his father to drain the family pool on their huge estate overlooking The Brentwood Country Club Golf Course. Some of the most famous photographs in skateboarding were shot at the Dog Bowl. Tony Alva is credited with doing the first front side aerials at the pool in the fall of 1977. It was named "The Dog Bowl" because there were dogs always hanging out at the pool. On any given day over the summer of 1977 most of the entire DogTown crew were at the pool. Some of the best skating sessions EVER took place there. Ray Flores and Ray Allen have film shot of some of the sessions that are featured on the DVD, "DogTown and Z-Boys.

The original Dog Bowl

DogTown Skates


Skip Engblom

Was co-owner of the Zephyr Shop along with Jeff Ho and Craig Stecyk. P.O.P. local. Started up Santa Monica Airlines Skateboards in the late 70’s. The company peaked in the mid 80’s. Skip makes surfboards in Marina Del Rey and hand crafts custom skateboards under the Santa Monica Airlines moniker for collectors. In recent years, he resurrected SMA with a complete line of decks.
Santa Monica Airlines Skateboards

E/Z Ryder

The company started up by Jay Adams' step dad Kent Sherwood after a business dispute with Zephyr and Jeff Ho.

Fireman's Pool

Skated for only a short time in 19??. Wes Humpston, Jim Muir, and BMX'er John Palfreyman (J.P.) were there most of the time. The pool was at the home of a the guys knowing he worked all weekend, would drain the few feet of water in the pool on Saturday Morning, skate all weekend, then filled the pool up with a few feet of water Sunday evening. There is a 3 minute video of Wes and Muir skating it.


Ray Flores

Long time Dogtown skater. Was a featured skater/actor in “Skateboard Kings,” a British Documentary on the Dogtown Scene in 1978. Was on the 1965 Hobie Skateboard Team and was in “Skateboard Mania.” Friends with Tony Alva since the 70’s. Ray still lives in Venice, California skates regularly.

Ray Flores webpage

Glen E. Friedman

Started skating the banks at Kenter and Revere while going to school at both. He was from that Brentwood neighborhood, unlike most of the others who only skated there. When not skating he started taking pictures with his pocket instamatic of the locals which happened to be mostly Z-Boys. Called Jay Adams, and Paul Constantieau, to come to a pool he discovered, got some pictures that would become his first ever published...he was only 13 or 14 years old at the time. Went on to shoot some of the most memorable and classic DT photos.

Originally inspired and influenced by C.R. Stecyk III. Later Friedman went on to shoot some of the most famous hardcore punk and hip hop groups of all time and has made several books which have been credited over the years to have "kept the Z-Boys legend alive before anyone else cared to." Currently living in New York. Glen's photos have been displayed in galleries around the world and are highly sought after.
Glen E. Friedman's webpage
Glen's blog - at LEAST 1 post a day

Jon Fries




Jose Galan

Jose AKA "The Crazy Cuban" was an early DogTown skater and Hung out with the crew for much of the mid 70’s. Had infamous parties at his mom's house. He made hos own skateboards and covered them with fiberglass that was way ahead of its time. Jose was a great freestlyer and bank rider, a real tall guy who was also a good surfer. Was seen in 2002 doing 360’s and “tearing up the banks” at Paul Revere. Currently Lives in West Los Angeles.

Gonzalez Pool

Located in Mar Vista, the pool simply known as "Gonzos," was named after the homeowner, a latin movie actor named Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez, most notably seen in The Cisco Kid. Was sessioned by most of the DogTown locals in the mid - late 1970's. Drained occasionaly in the 80's for private sessions. Wes Humpston, Ray Flores, Jim Muir, and Tony Alva were there most of the time. Drained again in 1995 for a music video by "Excel." The video contained Ray Flores' archival footage of Alva skating the pool in the mid 70's as well as new footage of Alva skating it. Mr. Gonzalez passed away in 2006 and the pool has been filled in with dirt.

Classic footage of Tony Alva skating Gonzo's 20 years apart. ...

Dexter Green

Dexter Green webpage

Clyde Grimes

Was in the Ska/Mod band “the untouchables” after his skating hey day, brother of Marty Grimes. Also seen in the movie DogTown and Z-Boys carving over the light at the canyon pool.

Marty Grimes

Marty was bussed in to the west side for school from south central L.A., He and his older brother Clyde, Chuck Askerneese, and Jerry Miller all bros from South Central were also into surfing. It’s believed that Marty and his brother were invited to join the E-Z Ryder team (just after the collapse of the original Zephyr team) when Jay Adams and others saw them out in the parking lot at the Santa Monica Civic tearing shit up. He was the original “rubberman”. Jay Adams in his SkateBoarder Magazine interview said Marty was his personal, favorite skater to watch. Marty was the first black skater to get his own signature model (on Z-Flex, his only board sponsor), and one of the first black skaters to get repeated coverage in the magazines back in the day. He now works in Hollywood as a “Prop master”
Marty Grimes webpage

John Hardy

Hung out with Wes Humpston. One of the first DTS riders. Jill Hardy’s little brother.

John passed away in August 2014.
John Hardy photos

Dennis Harney

Tony Alva’s friend from San Diego. The only non-Dogtown skater on the Zephyr Skate Team. Placed 2nd in the Junior Mens slalom contest at the 1975 Del Mar Nationals. Whereabouts unknown.

Tony Hawk

Sponsored by DogTown Skates as an amateur BEFORE Powell Peralta.

Davey Hilton

Along with Torger Johnson, Bruce Logan, John Fries, Woody Woodward, Skip Frye, and his Brother Steve Hilton were very influential in the 60’s skateboarding scene. Tony Alva once commented “At Revere he was pulling off full out drag foot slides and 1 ½’s on the bank with clay wheels. He was fast and really smooth. Grew up in Pacific Palisades. Heir to the Hilton Hotel fortune.

Darren Ho

Hawaiian local. Rode for Town and Country.
Darren Ho photos

Jeff Ho

Long time surfer. Started Zephyr Surfboards in the late 60’s. Still makes custom Zephyr surfboards and skateboards. Lived in Hawaii for about 20 years. Now residing in Venice, California. Surfs daily.

Paul Hoffman

Was a Z-Boy near the end before the team broke up. Well known for his freestyle skating. Skated with Stacy Peralta a lot. Also rode for G&S and Hobie. Skated banks and pools with the DT crew in the 1970's. Currently living in Ladera Ranch in Orange County. Still surfs (on Jeff Ho Surfboards) and Skates. He spun nose wheelie 360’s forever. Paul owns and operates a skateboard website (below) with fellow Z-Boy Cris Dawson.
Paul Hoffman webpage

Bela Horvath

DT mini-grom. Skated for Alva Skates in the late 70’s. Bela was the drummer in "The Skoundrelz" with Tony Alva. Black Flag drummer Robo gave drum lessons to a then 16 year-old Bela. The band knew him because he'd skated for the Pepsi team and for Alva. He was taken to the Dog Bowl blindfolded so he couldn’t tell anybody where the pool was. That’s where he hooked up with Tony Alva. He taught him to get higher and higher and hit coping.

Christian Hosoi

Sponsored by DogTown Skates as an amateur. Was a Marina Del Rey Skatepark local. Was the hottest skater in the 80’s. Jay Adams has said he's possibly the best skater ever. Still skates. Living near Huntington Beach, California.

Wes Humpston

aka BULLDOG. Original DT skater. Worked for Jeff Ho at the original Zephyr Shop. Designed the art and the boards for the Z-Boys and Early DT locals before anyone was putting graphics on the bottom of boards in a garage behind his parents home in Santa Monica, California. He and long time friend Kevin Kaiser made belly boards and drew, painted & airbrushed surfboards and skateboards.

The list of customers would later read like a who's who in future issues of SkateBoarder Magazine in years to come: Jim Muir, Arthur Lake, Ray Flores, Tony Alva, John Palfreyman, Tom Lund, Paul Constantineau, Jay Adams, "Baby" Paul Cullen, and Shogo Kubo to name a few.

His original boards are highly sought after by skateboard collectors. Some of them can be viewed here. Started Dogtown Skates with Jim Muir circa 1977.

Currently owns and operates BULLDOG SKATES.

Carlos Izan

AKA John Smythe, AKA Craig Stecyk III….wrote “Aspects of the Downhill Slide” in 1975 under this Psudunym

Torger Johnson

Started skating in the early 60’s. Came in First place in the tricks division of the Anaheim, California 1965 televised skateboard contest on ABC’s Wide World of Sports...4th place overall. Grew up in Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades. Heavily influenced Tony Alva and Jay Adams’ style. Could be seen on rare occasion in the Highlands and at the school yard banks at Revere or Kenter in the mid/late 70’s. Had a popular model with Logan Earth Ski in the mid 70's. He moved to Hawaii soon after and was rumored to have been killed in a downhill run somewhere in the islands.

Asked who made the biggest impact on his career growing up, Tony Alva gave this response: "I would have to say this guy named Torger Johnson. He's a very well rounded overall skateboarder. He was about 5 years older than me, and I used to look to him for direction not only professionally but also in the way he lived his life."

Kevin Keiser

Info coming soon

Pat Keiser

Info coming soon

Kenter Canyon Elementary School

Located up Kenter Canyon in Brentwood, California. Well known for its school yard banks. Many classic photos from Kenter were taken by Glen E. Friedman of the Z-Boys and DT locals. Most of the banks have been replaced by either grass or playground sets. Still skatable for old time sake but large cracks in the pavement make it kinda hard to enjoy. 50-100 kids were skating Kenter and the other nearby school yard banks on any given weekend at one time in the mid - late 70's. There was also an upper yard with smaller banks that were ridden only on occasion when the bigger banks were being used for school activities or it was too crowded.

Kenter from 1975 - 1978 was the most skated and it had the longest run and was most often compared to a wave since it was so drawn out, and the way it was ridden. It also became one of the biggest hangouts of that era since it was so far up Kenter Canyon, only rarely did POLICE make it up the road to tell everyone to leave.

The Keyhole

Located in Beverly Hills, The KeyHole, named for it's old style skeleton key keyhole shape (see photo on left) was a huge 13 foot pool. Bob Biniak is credited with doing the first ever frontside kickturns on vertical at the KeyHole. Skated by the local DT crew which usually included Biniak, Peralta, Muir, and Alva among others.
Some classic video was shot of Bob Biniak, Jim Muir, and Tony Alva at the KeyHole.

Vince Klyn

Pearl City pool local. Famous surfer from Hawaii, a generation behind Larry Bertleman. When Vince came out to the mainland he hung with the DogTown crew. Got to skate the original Dogbowl...a ½ page photo of Vince from the Dogbowl will be in the revised edition of Glen E. Friedman’s book “Fuck You Too." Appeared in the movie "Point Break."

Shogo Kubo

An original Z-Boy and DT skater. Born in Japan, he couldn’t speak english when he first came to the U.S. when he was a teen. Shogo was one of the only original Z-Boys to successfully skate in pro-pool riding contests through the end of the 70’s. His “Airbeam” model was one of the hottest sellers for DogTown Skates. He also had the “Z-Woody” with Z Products.

Shogo passed away in June 2014 while standup paddleboarding in Hawaii where he lived for many years with his wife and 2 children. He surfed and skated when time allowed.
Shogo Kubo webpage

Phil Laine (Philaine Adams)

Philane Romero (aka Philane Adams, aka Phil Laine, aka Lainey Adams) Jay Adams’ mother. Wrote the “Who’s Hot!’s” for some of the DT locals (including Marty Grimes, Shogo Kubo, and Darren Ho.) In SkateBoarder Magazine she wrote under the pseudonym “PHIL LAINE or LAINEY ADAMS."

Arthur Lake

Friends with the Z-Boys and the DT locals and skated the original DogBowl and all the school yard banks with the original crew. Famous for having an empty swimming pool in his backyard on the beach in Santa Monica (“The Manhole”) which was skated by invitation only...No outsiders ever sessioned it. His grandparents were Blondie and Dagwood from early television. Current whereabouts are unknown. During the 80's, it was widely rumored that Arthur was found dead in a canyon somewhere in Southern California. These rumors turned out to be false. Last known residence was in Hawaii around 2000. Stacy Peralta attempted to interview him for the DogTown and Z-Boys documentary but was told he "was unavailable at this time."...What that meant is anybody's guess.
Arthur Lake webpage

Malibu Tubes

A product in the mid 70’s used by skaters to simulate surfing and getting tubed. Used a lot at the school yard banks and some classic shots of some of the Z-Boys were taken at Kenter by Glen E. Friedman.
Malibu Tube

The Manhole

Empty pool in Arthur Lake's backyard on PCH in Santa Monica. The pool was heavily sessioned by the Z-Boys and early DT locals by invite only. Was on the cover of Agression's first record on BYO records.

Marina Del Rey Skatepark

Featured a replica of the original Dog Bowl with a more skatable shallow end, and two key holes as well as a great banked slalom run and the amazing "brown bowls" where Christian Hosoi learned to skate. The original Marina logo was designed by Z-Boy Cris Dawson (see bio above)

Jerry Miller

One of Marty Grimes’s bro’s. Very tall. He also wore thick glasses. Shredded the school yard banks, pools and motorcycles. He also became a founding member in the “Untouchables”.

Wynn Miller

From Wynn...I met TA through Ray Flores in '76. Ray and I go back a long way. I had just finished a project on an East L.A. gang and was looking for something to shoot. Tony challenged me to prove I could get good skate shots. I guess I did because he started dragging me along to whatever pool was happening. We did our best stuff at Gonzo’s in Mar Vista. I would bring my studio strobes and light the place up (once with lighter fluid as an homage to Hendrix's guitar light up at Monterey.) We also did a memorial tour of Europe. Tony drew huge crowds everywhere we went and stoked all the Euro kids. I started to lose interest and needed to make a living so I opened a studio and started doing advertising work. I've done that ever since. I haven't taken a skating photo since 1979.

We resurrected the photos for the Mad Dog Chronicles, a photo exhibition and book sponsored by Rick Klotz and FreshJive. The show has been to Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Burlington and Whistler British Columbia.
Wynn Miller's webpage

Eric Monson

Eric designed the original Alva logo and T.A. and Pete Zhender (Alva's business partner at the time) allowed Eric to create the ads and submit them to the magazines without any approval. The 19 ads in 16 months Eric created for Alva Skates in the hey day of Alva's skate career were way ahead of its time and definitely broke the mold for skateboard advertising and he brought a fashion and style sensibility to the forefront. The ads still look great today.
Eric @ The Mad Dog Chronicles Alva Skates 70's Ad Archive

Jim Muir

Known to all as “Red Dog," he started on the Zephyr team, also rode for G & S and Sims before he started his own company Dogtown Skates with long time friend Wes Humpston. The first incarnation of DogTown Skates were hand drawn (by Wes) and hand crafted by Jim and Wes. Early pioneer of pool riding. He’s the older brother of Mike Muir, leader of Suicidal Tendencies. Jim still owns and operates DogTown Skateboards.
Dogtown Skateboards
Red Dog webpage

Peggy Oki

The only girl on the Zephyr Skate Team. 1st place in girls freestyle at the 1975 Del Mar Nationals. World traveler. Artist and animal activist. Surfs as much as possible. Skated at a skatepark for the first time in 2000. Re-visited the Revere banks in 2001. Skates as much as possible in the local Santa Barbara, California skatepark. Peggy's art has been displayed in many art galleries in the United States.
Peggy Oki's website
Peggy Oki webpage

Donnie Oldham

Mentioned in Stecyk’s “The Westside Style or Under the Skatetown Influence” SkateBoarder Magazine article in August 1976. (From Donnie) “Broke my arm in the canyon pool. My leg into a ninety degree bend @ the dog bowl. My arm again @ the SM airport after skating the pool all day. Moved to Hawaii in the 70's and basically fell in love with the whole trip. I don’t skate too much anymore But still surf everyday possible. Surfed with jay yesterday @ Rockys.”
Donnie's band "The Loose Screws"

Mike Olivares

Mike was an early skater at Paul Revere. He was a surfboard shaper briefly for Jeff Ho and Con Surfboards.

Pacific Ocean Park


John Palfreyman (J.P.)

Fireman pool local on a BMX bike while Wes Humpston and Jim Muir skated it. Known to be fearless. Was older, bigger, badder, and a more out of control badass than Jay Adams. Such a wildman, no sponsor could corral him. His house was filled with trophies that he received from BMX. Well known for racing sidehack BMX with Thom Lund. Was getting wheels out in the Dogbowl on a bike. JP was inducted into the BMX Hall of Fame in 2012. Currently lives in the Northwest.

Paul Revere Junior High

Located in the middle of Brentwood, California. Bordered by Santa Monica to the South and Pacific Palisades to the West. Known for its huge play ground banks and smaller banks throughout the school, seen a lot in the DogTown and Z-Boys documentary. Probably the most coveted school yard banks of all time. They were in horrible condition since the 70's and only the most hardcore skaters would even attempt to ride the place since then until it was repaved in 2001. Many of the original DT crew have the re-visited Revere since the re-paving.

Revere was heavily skated in 1973 - 1975, after that it became a big bust, still skated of course, but less often. Being right off of Sunset Boulevard cops would drive by at least every half hour, not all cops busted skaters back then, it just came in waves. Revere was big. The big bank was called "Big Blackie" to the locals.

Stacy Peralta

An original Z-Boy. Also skated for G & S and Powell Skateboards. Partnered with George Powell to form Powell Peralta. Left the industry to persue filmmaking. Directed Dogtown and Z-Boys and wrote the script for "Lords of Dogtown." Currently residing in Santa Monica, California.

"He was our first G&S Dog Town skater and gave him his first model board called the 'G&S Warptail.' He sold just over 1l0,000 Warp 1's & 2's in about 18 months before Powell stole him. We paid Stacy $.50 per board or $55,000.00 plus travel and incentive monies." (Dave Mcintyre)
Stacy Peralta webpage

Steve Piccolo

DogTown local. One of the very few to ride the original Dog Bowl in Northern Santa Monica. Wes Humpston used to design boards for Steve. His recognition came early in the form of winning the Junior Men's Freestyle at the 1975 Del Mar Nationals beating out Jay Adams (3rd) and Tony Alva (4th). One of the youngsters on the schoolyard in the late 60’s – early 70’s. A few years older than most of the Z-Boys. After the Del Mar contest win, was rarely seen in public but would session the schoolyard banks and pools usually when no one was around. Was totally insane. He’d push down the wall at Kenter and pull off 10 foot slides WITH A BROKEN ARM. Sometimes even dragging the cast behind him on the banks. From the Northern regions of L.A….possibly Pacific Palisades or Brentwood. Was known to be as aggressive if not more than Jay Adams. Definitely a hard core skater but Preferred to remain in the shadows. Was in Hal Jepsen’s film “SuperSession.” Current Whereabouts unknown although one website suggests he may have passed away. We're looking into it.

Duane Peters

Duane was sponsored by DogTown in the late 70's and had a production model board which is extremely rare. Known as the Master of Disaster. Singer of punk rock bands The Hunns, US Bombs, Die Hunns, and The Duane Peters Gunfight. Still skating hard after all these years.
DogTown Skates ad featuring Duane

Jimmy Plumer

Originally From Florida. Not sure when he moved to L.A., but he fit in perfectly with the Westside style. Had one of the very first Z-Flex signature models after Jay Adams. One of the lucky few to skate the original Dogbowl and the Krypto bowl. Hung with RedDog, Jay and Shogo often. An Agro "Go For It" badass with a southern snarl.
Jimmy Plumer photos and words

Nathan Pratt

An original Z-Boy. More of a surfer than a skater. Opened up Horizons West Surfboards in the same location as the Zephyr shop. Sold the shop in the 80’s to H.W. team rider Randy Wright. Now working for the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Somis, California. Owned and operated Functional Designs Skateboards in the late 70’s – early 80’s. In the early 2000's was a co-owner of Z-Cult skateboards with Jesse Martinez and Jay Adams.
Nathan Pratt webpage

Rabbit Hole

Located in Northern Santa Monica, The Rabbit Hole was a pool designed by a magician that was shaped like....a rabbit. Various people have said Tony Alva "OWNED" that pool. The odd shape of it made it impossible to carve over the light because the tail of the rabbit was at the light and it had a bad dip there. It was skated circa 1975 right around the time of Road Riders and sealed bearings. Most sessions before the Rabbit Hole were noisy with the loose ball bearings in the wheels so these were some of the first "quiet" pool sessions. T.A. was known for upside down "Berts" around the light and introduced this pool to Wes Humpston and Pat Keiser...the first pool skated for both of them. Pat shattered his ankle in the pool.

Gary Rosa


Wentzle Ruml IV

An original Z-Boy. Known to be a skate stylist by most that knew him. Still skates but mostly on banks instead of pools. Unfortunately probably became most famous for the horribly embarrasing Rector skate pads ad’s he posed for. Had a deck model with Quazar Skateboards. Currently lives on the East Coast with his family.
Wentzle Ruml IV webpage

Alan Sarlo

An original Z-Boy. Was more of a surfer than a skater. Held his own though. 3rd place at the 1975 Del Mar Nationals. A misprint in SkateBoarder Magazine said Nathan Pratt placed 3rd instead of Alan. Currently Alan lives in Malibu, California and is a professional big wave surfer as well as a Real Estate agent.

Bill and Stan Sharp

The Sharp Brothers, Bill and Stan, took a lot of photos of the DogTown crew. Most of their photos were published in SkateBoard World Magazine. Stan passed away a few years ago. Currently Bill is still a photographer and living in Oxnard, California.

Kent Sherwood

Jay Adams’ step-dad. Made the original Zephyr Skateboard decks for Jeff Ho’s shop. Started up E-Z Skateboards which later became Z-Flex. Was an integral part of Jay's early years as a surfer at Pacific Ocean Park and his skateboarding. Kent had a surfboard rental booth on the North side of P.O.P. so Jay would spend every day over the summer hanging with the surfers. In recent years, Kent, owner of Foam Matrix was awarded a contract with Boeing to make foam wing designs for the Air Force's X-45, or the Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV).
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Skateboard City U.S.A.

Skateboard City U.S.A. was local skate shop located at 11711 Santa Monica Blvd. at the corner of Barrington and Santa Monica, in West Los Angeles. It was the go-to shop for the westside of L.A. and their ad in SkateBoarder Magazine with many of the Z-Boys and DT locals gave the shop instant credibility.
Skateboard City U.S.A.'s SkateBoarder Magazine ad


Solo Scott, AKA "SOLO" wsa a Local DogTown grom in the 70's when the crew were becoming famous. Skated often with the DogTown locals. Praised as one of 1976's hottest young up and coming surfers, Solo took 1st place in the U.S. Championship in Boys division 14 yrs. and under. Solo continues to travel the world and surf while keeping up with his acting and modeling career. You can still find Solo ripping at the breakwater in Venice, California.

Bunker Spreckles

Close friend of Tony Alva in the 1970’s. Died of a heroin overdose. He was to be the heir to the Spreckles sugar fortune. He and Tony partied it up and Bunker introduced Tony to the world of living like a rock star. Limos, sex, drugs, and rock n roll. Tony Alva said Bunker Spreckles had a direct influence on his attitude and direction during his peak years of competition, which were 1975 – 1980.

The "Square Pool"

(From Paul Hoffman) The Square Pool was off of Venice blvd in the back of a Karate Studio...thus it was also known as "The Karate Pool." It was a famous pool in 1974 - was literally "square," but we rode the hell out of it. Go ahead and ask Shogo, Jay, or Jim Muir about this pool and they will go "oh yeah...I remember that!" The sessions there were classic.

Craig Stecyk III

Photo Journalist. Partnered up with Skip Engblom and Jeff Ho in Jeff Ho Surfboards and Zephyr Productions. Has been part of the Skateboard industry for almost 40 years now. Wrote the original “Dogtown Articles” for SkateBoarder Magazine beginning in 1975. Mentor of Glen E. Friedman. Well known for his photographs of the Z-Boys. Also well known in the art world. Does work for Juxtapoz magazine. His art has been shown in galleries around the world. His Dogtown Articles were featured in the book collaboration with Glen E. Friedman "Dogtown - the Legend of the Z-Boys." Internationally famous. Many say he is soley responsible for the entire DogTown phenomenon.

Mike Szeliga

Known in the mid-70’s as a Protégé of Stacy Peralta. Appeared in SkateBoarder magazine’s 1st FIFTY HOT KIDS article. Became more well known as a surfer by the early 80’s for Nathan Pratt’s Horizons West Surf Shop. Last seen at an arts and crafts trade show and living in Topanga Canyon.

Kelly R. Thomas

Kelly R. Thomas, at 13 rode Wes Humpston and Jim Muir's original hand drawn DTS skateboard decks and was friends with most of the DT crew and good friends with Mike Szeliga. Skated Kenter and a lot of pools including The Arab pool, Gonzo’s, and The Flamingo Pool. He’s lived in Hawaii since the early 90’s but stopped skating 4 years ago after tearing his ACL while skating Hawaii Kai Skate Park with Shogo. Still surfs almost daily and owns LEASHLOK HAWAII. He is also an actor and has appeared on Hawaii 5-0 and other movie and TV productions, has a beautiful wife, 3 kids and another on the way.
Kelly Thomas photos

Bill Urbany

Bill began working as a shaper at Jeff Ho, Zephyr Productions in 1973 where he worked directly under Jeff Ho. Was an early P.O.P. Cove local. Traveled the world surfing in 1976 and continued to shape for Con Surfboards, Natural Progression Surfboards and Graphlite Surfboards. Bill currently is a Real Estate agent in the Santa Barbara area and surfs Rincon almost daily.
Bill Urbany's webpage
Bill surfing P.O.P. circa 1973

Nelsen Valentine
70's DogTown Local....more info coming soon
Nelsen Valentine photos

Raul Vega

Raul Vega's award winning photographs have appeared on covers and in such magazines as Time, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Vogue, InStyle, Glamour, and Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine to name a few. Several of his portraits are collected in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D. C. He received the National Publications Design Award for his Time cover of Carl Sagan. Raul has shot for countless music people including: Rod Stewart, Van Halen, The Cars, Devo, David Byrne, The Bangles, Dolly Parton, Rick James, James Taylor, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. So now you may be thinking....why are you reading about Raul Vega? Raul photographed the original Warhol-esque ads for Alva Skates during Tony Alva's hey day of the late 70's...
Raul Vega Photography

Tom Waller

Zephyr Skate Team rider. Before or after Del Mar Nationals is unknown. A bit older than the other guys. Vol. 2 # 2 (Fall 1975) issue of SkateBoarder Magazine lists Tom as 2nd place in men's 18 and older in a contest riding for Zephyr. Whereabouts unknown.


Classic banks in Hawaii. The closest thing Hawaii had to the school yard banks in Los Angeles. Steeper and rougher. Made famous in the 70's in various photos in SkateBoarder Magazine mostly of Tony Alva. The Bones Brigade shot some video there for one of the Powell Peralta videos in the 80's.

Steve Wilkings

Known for his Hawaiian photos of Tony Alva at Wallos. Many of his photographs have appeared in SkateBoarder Magazine. He helped chronicle a golden age of Hermosa Beach surfing in the 1960's before moving to Oahu, Hawaii to photograph high paying surf competitions there. Wilkings served as a senior staff photographer for Surfer magazine for a decade, and his images have appeared in Time, Life, People, Playboy, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone and Surfers Journal magazines, as well as in numerous books.

George Wilson

Marina Del Rey Skatepark local. Had a popular signature model deck with Z-Flex. Worked at the Z factory..and is still associated with Z-Flex today. Currently works in the clothing industry. Many of his clients are Skateboard and Surf companies. George designed a skateboard to be sold thru Z-Flex to assist "Polar Bear's" family after his untimely death earlier in 2005.
George Wilson photos

Billy Yeron

Billy Z-Kid. Skated with Alva and his crew during T.A.’s hey day. Billy’s girlfriend at the time was Tony’s sister. Got a Who’s Hot! in SkateBoarder written by Jay’s mom.

Ho Yum

Represented the Pee-Wee Zephyr Skate Team at a 1975 contest as documented in SkateBoarder Magazine.


Z-Flex was started up by Jay Adams’ stepdad Kent Sherwood. Kent made the original Zephyr skateboards for Jeff Ho’s Zephyr shop. After a business dispute, Kent stopped making Jeff’s boards and started up E/Z Ryder skateboards. 5-7 of the original Z-Boys along with “Baby” Paul Cullen and Marty Grimes skated for E/Z. Shortly thereafter, Z-Flex was started up by Kent. The Z in Z-Flex originally stood for “Zephyr” Flex. The original Z-Flex 27” model was the exact same as the Zephyr boards Kent was making for Jeff and his shop.

History of the Z-Flex: Jay's dad, a surfer himself, had a very small plastics company and he used a plan shape for a basic surfboard scaled down to skate size. It was, of course modified in order to produce the strength necessary to withstand the use of the skaters who were to use it. The board was so popular that the entire Zephyr Surf Team wanted them. There was, at that time, no other outlet for them and so they were called the Zephyr Board. When their popularity gained past the point of production in the small shop, they were turned over to a large plastics manufacturer for production.

Soon after this there was a rift with Zephyr/Jeff Ho, the breakup of the Zephyr Team and the skate was then called the "EZ" Skateboard. The EZ team was comprised of those members who left the Zephyr Team and with only seven people entered in the 1975 Hang Ten Contest they still managed to take third place team prize.

The plastics manufacturer, trying to cut production costs totally changed the original manufacturing techniques. The reformulated board was not acceptable to either Jay or his dad and production of the board was then halted for a short time. The board was then manufactured by Jay's dad again in small quantities sold locally only. He was again using the original formulations. It was then named Z-Flex.
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