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18 years old, rides for Logan Earth Ski

The assignment for this Who's hot came down some eight months ago, and it has taken that long to corner Bob Biniak and get him to answer these few scant questions. (Bob is definitely unconcerned over publicity and such matters.) recently he was contacted by a major manufacturer that was interested in marketing a Biniak signature model, and he turned them down flat. "I didn't dig their trip, or their product." Biniak is an uncompromising person, and a perfectionist. He gives and accepts no substitutes. This attitude is readily apparent in his skating, and has earned him a heavy-duty reputation. His well-known affinity towards high-speed situations led his peers to label him with the street name of "Bullet."

It's perhaps noteworthy that during this interview Biniak was upping the r.p.m.'s on his Mo-ped, "Ought to be hitting 45 when I'm done." (Ed. Note: the California State limit is 30 m.p.h.)

The best insight into his skating abilities is through the words of his friends:

"Biniak's totally rad. Hard to beat in a pool, heavy on the vertical action." - J. Adams.

"he's definitely got the speed and power moves down. . .always skates with strength and style." - Stacy Peralta.

"Bob's definitely the fastest skater I know; he's a good dude and a hard rider." - Tony Alva.

Biniak started "skating seriously" three years ago in Ocean Park with the Z-Boys, and his approach clearly shows these origins. In reference to the D.T. style, he offers, "Our attitude has always been different, definitely more go-for-it." He lists being on the original Zephyr team as the "high point" of his career, and feels that the current Logan regime "runs a good second, particulary in the area of parties; we always have a good time."

Bob prefers pool and bank riding, "by far," and his favorite spots are the Keyhole, Pipeline and Revere.

Although having been in the money at several Pro meets, Biniak classifies himself as "positively not into contests in their present format. . .show me some banks." Having posted the fastest standup time at Signal Hill in 1976, he is looking forward to next year's event since "they should have the bugs worked out, and will have established separate classes for standing, kneeling and prone positions."

Bob offers that "an open canyon speed contest would be a much better test in terms of speed and control; 10 or 15 miles of steep, winding mountain roads would tear up a few people's trips for sure!"

Biniak lists his favorite activities as "skiing, golfing, skating, surfing and chasing women-not necessarily in that order."

Feeling that quality equipment is the key to success in any endeavor, Biniak's lineup attests to his current concerns.

For the cement: a 27" Logan kicktail-"good for pools, banks and freestyle." A 30" Logan Cutaway-"for racing." A 30" Torger kicktail-"for backup." For wheels, he uses cut-down Road Rider 6�s. he also has a full set of leathers for racing-"You need them after 60."

For the slopes: 195cm Lange downhill skis � "your basic speed demons, skiing�s much faster that skating."

For the fairways: lefthanded Wilson Staff golf clubs; Biniak golfs in the 70's and can "forsee the possibility of turning pro in a couple of years." He gives a terse "no comment" on the persistent rumors that he's picking up more than a little spending money put on the links.

For the water: a 6'11" bill Urbany rounded pintail. "It's very light and loose, good off the lip and in the tube. And for general advice: "You tear that stuff up twice as bad when you're off the walls."

SkateBoarder Magazine
April 1977
Vol. 3 #4

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