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15 years old, rides for Gordon & Smith Fibreflex

Paul Constantineau is a man of few words. It’s not that he is uncooperative, though, since Paul will answer any question you ask him in 25 words or less (usually less). He exudes an easy going self-confidence, and is definitely much more into doing it than talking about it. It is this confidence blended with an innate sense of style and a go-for-it attitude that allows Constantineau to show up at a new spot with the boys, rip it apart, blow the locals out, never say a word, get back into the car, and split.

Paul was born in Ontario, Canada, where he lived until six years ago, at which time he moved to Santa Monica, California. Shortly thereafter, Constantineau began the local activities of skating and surfing. He learned the fundamentals from friends like Bob Biniak, Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Stacy Peralta, Wentzle Ruml, etc., and he still considers them to he his favorite skaters. Paul excelled in the action winter sports of his native country, with particular emphasis on ice hockey, skiing and speed skating. Constantineau is rumored to be an excellent hockey player (position, right wing), who might possibly be bound for a career in the pros. When questioned in this direction, Paul allowed that "I guess I play okay." He feels that the similarities of these winter activities helped him to make the transition to surfing an skating since "they are all similar in balance and motions." Paul "skates just for fun," although he is aware of the commercial possibilities, and is open to them. He has appeared in several films, including Super Session, Go For it, 5 Summer Stories Plus 4, Fluid Drive, and Freewheelin’, in which he also performed some action-camera work. Constantineau adds that he is "particularly into the financial rewards" of film making.

Paul is an all-around skater, and prefers "any good bank or pool" for skating terrain. For banks and pools, he uses a 26" Fibreflex kicktail, with Bennett trucks and Sims Pure juice wheels. For slalom he uses a 28" Fibreflex board with Bennett Pro trucks and Road Rider #4 wheels; and for downhill speed he uses a 28" Fibreflex with Tracker trucks and open-bearing mag centered wheels.

Constantineau surfs "just about every day" in California, and last winter he went to the Islands for the first time. He stayed with the illustrious Adams family, and skated occasionally at Wallos and Kammies Drain, spending most of his time in the water at Laniakea and Gas Chambers. He currently rides a 6’6" stinger swallow shaped by Mike Perry, and is looking to return to the tropics "as soon as possible."

Paul advises that "when skating banks, ride them like a wave, instead of trying to do freestyle tricks on them. Banks are really just cement waves." So if you see an amazingly fluid skater flashing through your local bowl, it just might be Paul Constantineau. If you wonder. . .you’d better ask quick, ‘cause he will never tell you on his own.

(SkateBoarder Magazine December 1976, Vol. 3 #2)

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