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Tony Alva

Tony Alva

updated 9/3/14

"When the boys are together, you could never find a more aggressive, arrogant, rowdy,
perhaps ignorant bunch of people than me and my friends. Thatís just the way we are; thatís the way we skateboard."

Photo by CRS III

Simply stated TONY ALVA was arguably the most important skateboarder in the world
when skateboarding was still a subculture to the days when it first became
an international phenomenon. He was the main personality who brought it there.
His influence and contributions to the sport/art over the last 40 years or so are undeniable.

To find out why..check the ALVA/Z-BOYS library archives below for articles, interviews and photos from 1974 to the present.

Photo Page 1
Photo Page 2
Photo Page 3
Photo Page 4
Photo Page 5
Photo Page 6
Photo Page 7

Alva Skates 1970's print ad archive

All photos on "Photo Page 1" were provided by Glen E. Friedman
Check out his "FUCK YOU ALL pages" for more.

L.A. Weekly 1984
Click above for Alva's 1984 L.A. Weekly article

Amazing rare vintage footage of Tony Alva on ABC'c Wide World of Sports
as it appeared on national television in 1977 . . .

(from the archives of GLEN E. FRIEDMAN)