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SkateBoarder Magazine
Vol. 3, #2

21 years old, rides a Bahne Skateboard Larry Bertleman, although only known to most people as a surfer, his ability on a skateboard is also "incredible."

Larry began skateboarding on the big island of Hawaii when he was 9 years old, and riding the early "iron wheel" skateboards. He has since progressed up to today'a Bahne Model.

In the beginning, he didn't know that you could do certain things on a skateboard that are done in surfing. However, two years ago, Larry adapted his loose, fluid style of surfing to the smaller area of a skateboard.

When asked to compare the two sports, he replies, "I usually ride a flexible skateboard so that every time I turn, the skateboard gives; it's almost like being in a wave when you're turning. Like when you sink the surfboard on a turn, that's what happens if you have a flex board. With a skateboard, you have to ride on top of it a little bit more; and for off-the-lips, it's almost the same when you get the front wheels off. it's just like doing a roller coaster.

He usually carries three skateboards: one slalom, one kicktail shortie, and a mid-range, all-around board. He has been blown out while watching Roy Jamieson and the boys practice their freestyle tricks, and says that his first love is still wall riding.

"My whole skateboard thing is related to surfing. Sure, it keeps me in tune on flat days, but more than that, it helps your agility and your mental awareness. I've studied martial arts for three years now, and the mental discipline of that has helped my skateboarding, too."

Larry's favorite spot on Oahu is Uluwatu because of "the angles of the walls." He is spontaneous in his moves, and just tries to do "whatever comes to mind." Like squatting really low and grabbing the board with his hand as the rear wheels slide around. he does the same thing on a surfboard, but says "you can't do it all the time on a surfboard, where with a skateboard, when you just think about turning, it'll turn. A skateboard is right under your feet, and if I could find a surfboard to ride like my skateboard, I'd probably quit surfing."


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