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Darren Ho
16 years old, rides for Town and Country/Z-Flex

A Hawaiian sizzler has just blitzed the mainland for his first time. As Jay says "He's the hottest guy I have ever seen from Hawaii. He's blown a lot of minds around Here. On his first day out-he totally ripped!" Darren is also a young individual who goes to church every Sunday and has accomplished the difficult union of diverse metaphysical planes.

Jay, Shogo, and Jim Muir greeted Darren's plane with a Dogtown-style howzit shredding down the escalators, skating through the passengers, and causing general skate havoc throughout the baggage claim area. Darren's only comment "This is really different. I know I am going to have to adjust."

Two years ago, Roy Jamieson first initiated Darren to radical skating at an island pool. He was stoked, and started skating on a Z-Flex with Bennetts and Road Rider 2's. His quiver now includes a 30" Z-Flex equipped with Half Tracks and Tunnel Rocks; a setup reserved exclusively for bowls and pools. For freestyle he uses a newer, updated version of his original 27" Z-Flex board.

Because of his adeptness in vertical terrain-and his Kung Fu experience-Darren's mainland friends have named him "Tilehopper." some of his new friends include Gregg Weaver and Wally Inouye; he was impressed with their mellow attitudes and devastating capabilities.

"I take Darren skating with me for two reasons: first, he rips! Second: he's the only guy who keeps Jay under complete control." - Paul Constantineau.

At home, Darren skates Aala Park and Wallos. He was able to make a trip to the Arizona pipes wiht Tony, Shogo, David Hackett, and da boys. This was the highlight of his mainland skate expeditions. When asked about commercial areas, he said that his favorite spot is Buena Park: "the half pipe is perfect for 'tail-tappers' and 'lip slides.'" He also enjoys warming up in the baby pool with insane vertical reentries.

When asked about the Dogtown influence, he explains that "it's so hard to describe; I guess it is all a matter of energy. For so long I held back in reserve and tried to conserve my energy; now I see things differently. It is not a matter of conserving it...it is a matter of getting it loose. It's hard to hold back when those guys are urging me on; I am going to bring this attitude alive in the islands, and push my friends to the max; it is definitely an experience that I want to share. I don't like to shine anybody on; after all, the experience is constant; it's only limited by your anticipation."

As for the lip regarding the Down Southers and the Dogtown crew, Darren says, "it is getting a little out of hand; there is no need for threats and no room for empty violence; after all, it is only skating; it is fun, and it is always a gas!"

Darren is definitely planning to enjoy many sessions with his mainland friends. His easygoing, Hawaiian attitude, and the mastery of his arts has earned him the respect of skating's elite.