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Kids and Stuff!

Welcome to the Kids and Stuff Home Page! Here you will find lots of ideas for kids ministry, and ways to tell kids about Jesus! Feel free to use any of these ideas. Our goal is to help other Children's Pastors and Workers so they can reach even more children effectively!

Greetings! I happen to be one of many team managers of CabalArticles, a worldwide web writing company. We can craft in English and Spanish for worldwide internet readers, and are readily available for blog post generation for your website. Down the page you may see my curriculum vitae, and you'll be able to find other team managers and writers' CV's on this internet site. At the bottom of my curriculum vitae, you'll check out some good examples of our written and published works. For employment queries, you should email us using the contactform on this webpage and we shall reply as soon as possible.

Kim J. Carlson
2357 Lightning Point Drive
Memphis, TN

Graduated With Honors from Peninsula College
10 years of authoring experience (directly for Online readers)
Great competency in Spanish
Professional, team-oriented member of staff with a talent for details

Job Experience
CabalArticles, New York City, NY
2001 - Present
Crew Organizer
Responsible for arranging a international staff of freelance writers to fit a challenging set of production targets.
- Set new records for production, raising output by 20% globally
- Accurately managed regular records of task distribution
- Cared for QA for world-wide output across a considerable staff of freelancers

Special Skills and Abilities

Competent in Spanish
Innovative competence using a wide selection of office software

Samples of Released Posts

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