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Crafts for Kids
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Crafts for Kids

I am always on the look out for low cost, no cost ideas for crafts for kids. We do crafts during VBS, and in our other kids church programs. I have listed some good craft links where you may find some kids crafts ideas. Also, I there are some Chrismas Craft ideas listed that we did this December. More ideas to come!

Kids Craft Links

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If you know of any good kids crafts links, let me know!

Christmas Craft Projects

Tissue Paper Pictures

Photocopy a simple picture from a clip art book, or a colouring book. Cut different colours of tissue paper into 1.5 inch squares. Put a tissue paper square on the eraser end of a pencil. Fold it over to cover the end of the pencil like a "pen cap". Dab it into white glue. Put the tissue paper square onto the photocopied design. Continue until the picture is full of paper. Easy and inexpensive!
Christmas Macaroni Ornaments

Cut out several different shaped patterns. Eg. Wreath, Bell, Angel, Tree. Have the kids trace the pattern onto poster board. Cut out the shape. Put white glue on the entire surface of the shape. Place macaroni on the glue. (Make sure the glue is on thick enough to hold the macaroni.) Let it dry for aprox. 10-15 minutes. Spray paint with Gold or Silver paint. Let dry for aprox. 5 minutes. Punch a hole in the top with a hole punch. String a piece of yarn or string through the whole and tie in a knot for a hanger. You are done!
Eatable Christmas Trees

Take a cone shaped ice cream cone and cover the outside with green icing. Put different coloured candies, jube jubes, smarties etc. on the icing. Sprinkle coconut on the icing too! Instant eatable Christmas tree!

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