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How Do We Do It?
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How Do We Do It?

Each of our Kids Programs Follow this Basic Outline:

Each of our outreach programs are run "open session" style. All the kids sit on the floor, in the boys side or girls side. The program is basically a "high energy" program. The leaders are hyper, energetic, and full of enthusiasm and this helps the kids to be this way too! Included in each program are the elements listed on this page. The order may change, but we try to keep it: low energy activity, then high energy activity, back to low, etc. This helps keep the kids attention, as they don't seem to sit still for very long. There are times during the program when kids "sit and listen". This requires kids to sit quietly, while we present a story, or salvation message etc. Insentives are very helpful at this point! The entire program from rules to snack usually takes 30 -45 minutes. Before the program begins, kids are required to register each week, and then they have aprox. 15 minutes of free time in the gym before we get started. If you have any other questions, send me an e-mail and I'll try to help you out!