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Fund Raising Ideas & Donations

If your children's ministry budget is anything like mine (broke) then maybe these ideas can help you!

Fund Raisers

Fund Raisers

Here are some ideas to help you raise money for kids.


Set up a filing system with 4 different files.
  1. Donation Company Addresses
  2. Donation Letters Sent
  3. "Yes" Donations - Thank you letters sent
  4. "No" Donations
Use your local telephone book to call companies to get their mailing address or fax number. You also need to find out who the donations coordinator is. Call companies that sell things like toys, art and craft supplies, building supplies, and food. You can also contact distributors and factories. Keep a record of this information in your "Donation Company Addresses" file.
Once you have a mailing address, write the company, explain a little about your program, what you do in it, and what you are asking for. I have included a sample letter below to help you. Make a copy of each letter you send for future reference. Be sure to include a brochure of your kids programs that is made using clip art! Make this look good! Not too much information, but give details on how you are impacting kids! Put a copy of the letters in a file labelled "Donation Letters Sent".
Once you receive a response from the company, you need to file it. If the answer is "yes", then send them a Very Nice Thank You Letter!!! Make a copy of this letter and file it in the 3rd file! You can usually write to companies once a year and they will continue to give things to you. If you keep a file of who sent you stuff, this will be the first place to start next year!
If you do not get a response from the company within 6 months, or they send you a letter to let you know they are not able to give anything, keep this information in the file marked "No Donations". This way, you will not bother the company again, and not waste your time and stamps!

Sample Letter - Type it on Letter head from your church or kids organization. Be sure it has your return address and phone number on it.

November 10, 1997

Company Name
City, State or Province
Postal Code or Zip

Dear Donations Coordinator (put the person's name in if possible.)

My name is Carolyn Burge and I am the children's program supervisor at Christian Centre Church. Christian Centre is an inner-city organization located in the Jane and Finch Corridor of Metro Toronto. We are a community-oriented church assessing the needs of the community and responding appropriately to them. Many of the children in our community are deprived of the advantages of a loving, and/or a financially secure family. They benefit greatly form the structured fun and learning we offer them here at the Christian Centre.

Our initiatives include free after school programs, free weekend programs, and free field trips. We feed the children a snack at every event. We also give prizes to the children, such as toys and food, those things which they may not otherwise be able to purchase. We are quickly approaching the busy summer season, and are in great need of more resources to facilitate the functions.

It would benefit our programs tremendously if you were able to help us in any way possible. We are on a very limited budget and would greatly appreciate any donation. We are specifically looking for toys for the kids.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I have enclosed more information about the children's programs. If you have any questions about our centre, please feel free to contact me at (000) 000-0000. Thank you again.


Carolyn Burge
Children's Program Supervisor


Once you have received a donation, it is Very Important that you send a Thank you note to the company. Here is a sample letter of a Thank you note.

January 30, 1998

Company Name
Company Address
City, Provice or State
Postal or Zip Code

Dear Person you received the letter from,

Thank you so much for the generous donation of so many tickets to the Garden Bros. Circus. I know that many, many children will have a great time at the SkyDome once again!

We realize that you assist many organizations with sponsorship and we really appreciate the opportunities you give to the children in the Jane and Finch area. They sure do love going to the SkyDome!

Once again, thank you for your generous gift. Without the help of organizations like yours, we could not run our programs. You are greatly appreciated!


Carolyn Burge
Children's Program Supervisor

Please note my new email address!