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Puppets! Puppets! Puppets!
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Puppets! Puppets! Puppets!

The most useful tool I have ever purchased in all my years of Children's Ministry (other than my bible) is a People Puppet Pattern from One Way Street. It costs under $10.00 American, and I have used mine a million times, or close to it. I highly recommend this pattern. You don't have to know a lot about sewing to make a puppet. There are lots of places you can buy puppets, but if your children's ministry budget is anything like mine, (BROKE!) then get someone in your church, or you yourself to sew one! It takes a little time, but it's well worth the result! Materials can be purchased for under $20.00, Canadian, depending on what you buy, and where you get them. Your local fabric store should have everything you need.

Once you master the people puppet, then you can move along to creating animals with the people puppet pattern. I have made an elephant by inserting large ears, and coat hanger wire into the side seams of the head. Then make a trunk, and insert it into the centre front seam ot the head. Trial and error is the best way to come up with things you like.

Get creative with your materials. Use neon colours for skin and you have instant black light puppets.
Use different colours of material and have different nationalities of puppets.
You can use wool for hair, feathers, down fuzz, or any other crazy thing you can imagine.

What can Puppets Be Used For?

Puppet Skits - includes some good books
Puppet Songs - a list of songs
Puppet Musicals - how to do it!
Anything Else!

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