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Costumes and Characters

Here are some of our costumes and characters.
Picture of them can be found on the Pictures Page!

We use many costumes and characters in our programs. They help us do songs, tell stories and even play games! Here is a brief description of each:


These are full body furry costumes, made from fake fur, and the head is similar to a puppet, only much larger. Some characters I have made include look alikes of "Elmo", "Big Bird", "Oscar", an Elephant, and a Gorilla. The look alike guys are very similar to the real thing, but with a few differences, so I don't get in big trouble for copyright stuff!
Big Heads

They have a people body, dressed in a costume such as a housecoat, but they have very large heads, and oversized shoes. These I made using One Way Street's people puppet pattern, and enlarged it on the photocopier 200%. I had to make a few minor adjustments due to the size difference, and I made the mouth using black plastic canvas and some sceen. I'd be happy to share my experiences, if you are interested.
Adults in Costumes

This is much like a typical "skit". A story is told by adults, who are dressed in appropriate costumes, and they say their own lines. Nothing new about this method.

Kids in Costumes

I have found that kids love to be a part of the action! One of their favourite ways is to be an actor in the story. This works by me narrating the story, and they do actions as I say them, e.g. "and the king was excited!" (the kid jumps up and down etc.)

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