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Best of Lynda's London photography
by Lynda Archard
©: June 2002


Exclusive photographs taken by

Lynda Archard

The digital pictures taken for this journal of London are usually taken to go with a particular article and others are not relevant to use in the journal. These are the best shots taken for Lynda's London that show clearer detail in daylight or have no other purpose than for your viewing of a lovely city and its life. More will be added on a regular basis so please remember to add them to your 'favourite' list if you don't want to miss any.

Taken at Maze Hill Station - Greenwich, London, SE10

Trafalgar Square
Sub-pages include: Football fans celebrating getting through to the quarter finals of the 2002 world cup after beating Denmark 3-0, thousands of pigeons scrambling for food, plus more

River Thames
Pictures taken from a Greenwich to Westminster boat trip. June 15th 2002

London Buildings and Architecture
From the new to the gothic, thatched roof to glass.

Caught on camera
A gallery of bad drivers.

Coming soon -


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© Lynda Archard