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Welcome to HAUNTED HOLLOW!!!!

Welcome and make yourself comfortable while I bolt the door!

What an exciting time of year for young and old!! The spooky stuff, the stories, the fun, and THE TREATS!!!!!! People nowadays put so much effort into Halloween by decorating their homes inside and out, dressing up for Halloween giving out treats, and even accepting the odd trick with a smile (not always though). Home parties have become quite popular as society has changed over the years but still there are many that still go door to door sporting their very best creepy or cute attire!

Here you will find many great ideas for either going out or staying in on the "hallowed night"......ENJOY!



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Halloween Safety

Teach the children the following Halloween safety rules:

1. Please make sure you go with a friend, someone who'll stay with you up til the end.

2. Carry a flashlight.

3. When you go Trick or Treating, watch out for traffic. Do not cut across yards or driveways. Walk ...don't run and obey traffic signals. Stay on the sidewalks.

4. Make sure your costume does not drag on the ground and wear shoes that fit well. Wear something reflective, ankle and wrist reflective bands, reflector light or tape.

5. When Trick or Treating, act just like a pro--Only go to houses of people that you know and visit only houses that are lit. Stay in familiar neighbourhoods.

6. After getting treats, don't forget to say: "Thank you very much!" And then go on your way. NEVER go into anyone's home no matter what.

7. Last is a rule that can't be beat: Let your parents check your treats right before you eat.




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Halloween Net

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Unicef's Fun Site

lots of fun and mischief




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