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There are many many inexpensive ways to make your own Halloween Costumes. Here are some great ideas. Also make sure you visit your local Good Will store, Second Hand Shop or Salvation Army for ready made, cheap, costumes.


Costume Safety

Please make sure on costumes that you run a piece of reflective tape around ankles and wrists so that children can be seen at night.

Make sure costumes are not too long so children will not trip.

Purchase fire retardent materials whenever possible.

Spider: Black leotard and tights. Three pairs of black panty hose stuffed with old nylons. Stick stuffed hose to waist of leotard. Stocking cap. Black pipe cleaners for antennae.


Skeleton: Black leotard and tights. White tape or chalk for ribs and bones. White makeup on face with black eyes.


Skin diver: Wet suit or grey track suit. Goggles. Swim flippers (cut off bottom and place over top of shoes). Bucket with plastic fish

Mummy: Jell hair and pull away from face. Use white makeup on face. Use strips of muslin wrapped around entire body.


Jack-in-the-box: Cardboard box. Slinky toys for arms. Stocking cap. Box can be held in place with suspenders.

Decorate as desired.

A Bag of Jelly Beans: You'll need a clear plastic bag. Step into it making holes for the legs and arms out the side. Fill the bag with different color balloons and use a flashy scarf to tie around the top of the bag. You may want to place a sign that says Jelly Beans 5 in front of the bag. For the clothing underneath just about any color leotard will work.

Grape Vine: Use a brown body suit and shoes. Cover your body with double sided sticky tape. Then fill up purple balloons and attach the balloons to the double sided tape. You may use a garbage bag tie to attach the balloon to the double sided tape. This is preferred if you are going outside in the wind.

Cereal Killer: take a white t-shirt or sweatshirt and attach small snack size cereal boxes to the front. Stick a plastic knife in each box. You are now a "cereal" killer.


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