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Halloween Crafts
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Halloween Crafts

Handprint ghosts
Have the children paint their hands white and press onto black construction paper. When they dry have the children turn them upside down and add faces.


Rattling Skeletons
Use white paper to form 5 paper chains, and then connect to make a skeleton. Trace children's hands and feet on white paper, cut and glue to the ends of the arms and legs. Cut an oval shape and draw on the face. These work best when made with small groups of children.


Footprint Ghosts
Paint each child's foot with white paint and print it on a black sheet of construction paper. When it dries add eyes to the heel part of the foot.
That will be the ghost's head.


Balloon Jack-o-Lanterns
blow up an orange balloon for each child. Out of construction paper make face and feet pieces to create a jack-o-lantern. You may apply these pieces to the balloon with rubber cement.


Halloween Votives
Collect one baby food jar, one votive, back & orange tissue paper, glue and paint brush for each child. Soak labels off of jars. Let the jars dry. Let each child cut tissue paper pieces and glue onto the jar with paint brush...Much like a decoupage. They can make mosaics or even a jack-o-lantern. With permanent marker add child's name and date to the bottom of the jar. Add a votive. When they get home they have a wonderful, keepsake to use year after year.

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