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Welcome to my Greeting Card Shoppe! Sending a Digital Postcard is simple to do. By clicking on the link below, you can send or pick up your postcard. To pick up your postcard, have your claim check number ready.

When creating your postcard, you will be able to customize its layout by choosing optional pictures, backgrounds and font colors. You will be able to put your written work on the side of your picture or center it under the picture. If you are adventurous and creative you can also upload your own images and sounds! You can send your postcard today or on a different date or you can mail to one lucky person or to several.

After submission of the card, a postcard preview will be displayed and you can change the settings in case you don't like your card.

To pick up a digital postcard, the recipient will be notified about their postcard by a simple email message. They will be provided with a unique claim check number to claim their postcards.


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