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Welcome to  Precious Pages




April Showers Bring May Flowers!!!! and here in Canada, we cannot wait.
Our winter here in Ontario has been a loooong, cold, wintery white one
and the thought of blooming flowers, longer days and grass to cut is
very much welcome.  We are already seeing some longer days and
more sunshine and our hearty Spring bulbs are starting to sprout. 


Here on my website you will find much to do and see, take with you
and share.  Enjoy....




With Spring around the corner there is always
some Spring cleaning that needs to be done around the house.
On my Housekeeping page, you can find many useful and inexpensive
household hints to make your job easier, so you can spend more time
enjoying the new season.    


Easter is a whole weekend of festivities, starting with Good Friday on April 6, 2007.   Each person celebrates Easter in their own special way, some with baskets, colored eggs, and chocolate bunnies, others with church going, prayer and Christian celebration.  However, you celebrate Easter, I wish you a most blessed one....and don't eat too much chocolate. 



Birds & Butterfly Gardens & Herb Gardens
What is your Plant Hardiness Zone?
Have some fun making your own Pond here.  





Visit my Craft Room and take a peek
at the many quick and easy crafts to make for all. 
Some of the Spring crafts we have are claypot crafts or
for something a little more personal, try out some
of my Homemade Jar Mixes and Bath Luxuries. 





Visit my Country Kitchen!  You will find many
recipes for occasions....check out the Bread Machine Recipes and
I have printable Recipe Cards for keeping track of your favourite





Wet Rainy Day?
Check out my Playground, where you can play
online games, print out colouring pages, check out
math worksheets, word sheets, etc. A whole array
of things to do here on those wet spring days when you
just have to stay inside and keep the kids amused!





Vacation Time

Planning for a Spring or Summer Family Trip??  I have the
perfect place for you!!   Check out The personal
website about Nova Scotia's only Yogi Bear's Jellystone Campground! 
I have the *in* on this place 'cause my dad owns it.  This is an award winning family spot and you just can't beat a more affordable and more magical place to spend time with your family on vacation this year!   Their 2007
Summer Program is up and available on their website now!







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Spring Forward

Daylight Savings starts March 11 this year....remember to 
change your clocks and Remind A Friend.








Please drop me a note in my guestbook
I would love to know that you were here!
Thank you!






Email me! I'd love
to meet you!





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