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Haunted House


Make a Haunted House for your friends!! Blind fold your friends and have them stick their hands in different things...........witches brain, eyeballs, frankensteins intestines. Here are some ideas!


eyeballs (peeled grapes or wet olives)

intestines (wet cold spaghetti)

liver (a half of a canned peach)

skin an oiled, soft flour tortilla)

fingers (hot dogs or cheese sticks)

teeth (unpopped popcorn)

hair (an old wig or saved silk from corn on the cob)

brains (gelatin -- let it set-up in a bowl and then unmold onto a plate. Mix up a bit to make a texture.

hand Fill a latex surgical glove with water, drape it over a dish to give it some shape (kind of bent over) and freeze it. Just before the party, stick it in a tray of sand or rice so your guests have to feel around in the dirt for the "buried hand".)


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