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Bobaloons Trivia Challenge



1. Let's start with something simple to warm up the old brain. Which artist had two hits with the same song? Once in 1962 and again in 1975 with a slowed down version of the same tune. Hey man that's an easy one. Give up?

2. While we're on twin hits, how about this one. Which song was a number one hit, twice, by different artists and only a year apart. (hint: 1959 and 1960).

Give up?

3. Is it all coming back to you now? How about this one. If "you keep lyin' when you ought to be truthin" what's gonna happen to you? (hint: it's a girl singer)

Give Up?

4. What year did "The King" Elvis make his television debut on the Ed Sullivan show.

Give Up?

5. In the fifties there was a kid's show that featured a rubber frog dressed in a tuxedo. In my part of the country the show was sponsered by a shoe company. Do you remember the frog's name (hint: if you know Frog, you know part of it already).

Give Up?

6. O.K. wise guys, what was the name of the shoe company that sponsored him. Inside the shoe was the picture of a long haired boy and his dog. While you're at it, what was the dog's name too?

Give Up?

7. Hey man, can you tell me if there's any truth to the rumor that "Tricky Dick Nixon" ( yes, our ex president ) was nominated for a grammy.

Whata ya think?

8. Okay, scratch your head and tell me two songs that have the words "Fee Fee Fi Fi Fo Fo Fum" in them. Both songs have colorful titles and no, Jack And The Beanstalk is not a song.

Give Up?

Part Two

9. Chuck Berry is one of the coolest cats around and has had tons of great songs. But did you know that only one tune ever made it to number one.( Hey cats it ain't Johnny B, Goode.)

Give Up?

10. I'm thinking of a Christmas song in which someone repeatedly ask for a Hula Hoop. He was a funny little guy who sounded like he'd been snorting helium or something. Name the song and the funny fella.

Give Up?

11. Okay, for you multi-lingual cats out there. (Is that anything like double jointed) Name two tunes that didn't have a word of English in them but went to numero uno on US Charts.

ive-Ga Up-a?

12. Chuck Berry, Merle Haggard and David Crosby all have something in common (besides the male thing). I'm sure they would all like to forget about it too.

Give Up?

13. Alan Arkin is a cool actor, but a singer? I've heard a rumor that he once had a hit record.( Hey, stranger things have happened.)

What ya think?

14. There once was a cat named Ernest Evans (not really a bad name) but changed it to something else and had several hit tunes. His new name was a take off of another great name "Fats Domino". Think about it.

Give Up?

15. Okay smart guys, which hit tune from 1957 was originally called "Do the Bop" That's almost to easy.


Give Up?

16. I know this isn't a fifties question but it's kinda neat anyhow. On Paul Simon's "Slip Sliding Away" have you ever noticed what group is providing backup vocals?

Give Up?

17. Let's cool things down a bit. Who, in the lyrics of his song, said "If you're ever in Alaska, stop and see my cute little eskimo". Brrrrrrrrr.



G-g-g-give U-u-up?

18. While we're in a chilly state of mind, I'm sure you've all heard "Jingle Bells" and "Silver Bells". But there was a movie, a real headturner too, that had a song called "Tubular Bells" as it's theme.


Give Up?


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