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Bobaloons Movies

Any flick could be tolerated, as long as it was viewed at a Drive In Theater. Horror and Sci Fi were always my favorites. They also made it a lot easier to get your date to scoot up close.

Of course by todays standards those old movies were pretty tame and pretty lame. Back then they could scare the fool out of you. I still enjoy watching them once in a while. They don't frighten me anymore.
Really they don't.

So sad to see the outdoor, big screens go the way of the dinosaur. They were really an adventure. We (me, my friends,etc.) would eagerly await the weekend and the new movie showing at the Drive In. Yes there was a new one each week and most of the time a double feature. On special times there might be a horror, dusk til dawn showing of four or more flicks. Talk about getting your money's worth.

Sometimes, even at a dollar a carload pricing, we couldn't resist the thrill of sneaking past the admission booth, hidden in the trunk of a car.

Any way here are some of Bobaloons' favorites.

Fresh Reviews Of Some Stale Movies

Creature From The Black Lagoon
Revenge Of The Creature
Forbidden Planet
It, Terror From Beyond Space

Invaders From Mars


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