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An Email from Frank Diangelo ( Franks Awe Music, great guy, great site, great music) got me to thinking. He ask if I remembered a couple of things from childhood that he did and I was wondering how many of you may have shared some of the same things. So hence the name. ( I know, I know, it's also a line from a Statler Brothers tune) Anyway I've tried to recall a few things that kinda tie all us fifties people together. Hope they rekindle a memory.
How about running behind the mosquito control truck? I used to imagine all the scary things that might be hidden in the FOG. Scary is the right word. Was that neat fog really DDT or what? Remember the smell? Cool huh. Excuse me I have to adjust my oxygen flow.
What about plastic bubbles? Remember the tube of goo you squeezed onto the tip of a straw and all those big neat bubbles. How many of you chewed them after they popped? Neat taste huh? Wonder what the hell that stuff was made of?

Remember all the neat stuff you could get by filling out that little coupon on the back of comic books? Man I do.

Anyone ever sell Cloverine Brand Salve? You know they still make that stuff. Remember you got points for selling it and neat prizes with the points. How about seeds? Greeting cards? They worked the same way. I remember winning a neat fishing outfit. Never liked impaling those tiny worms though.
Sea Monkeys! Man I thought that was the neatest. Funny fuzzy little critters, holding their breath, swimming around underwater, smiling at me, just like the ad in the comic book. Yeah right. You couldn't even see the durn things. Little pink dots was more like it. I was an adult with an aquarium, before I learned that they were really brine shrimp. Tropical fish love em. ( really tiny people find them quite tasty too)
Did any of you guys ever order a pair of X-Ray Specs? Be honest now. All my big plans of sneaking those wonderful glasses to school and looking through all the girl's dresses and catching a glimpse of underwear, other than my sister's, were shattered when that pair of funny looking specatcles arrived. So much for my career in radiology.
This is a guy thing ( I guess). How about Charles Atlas? No Homer, not the greek with the world on his shoulders. I'm talking about the Body Beautiful, no more sand kicked in the face, muscles-R-us Charles Atlas. Long before Arnold did the Conan thing, found on the back of comic books was the promise of all the muscles you could ever want or need. You found out , after you sent the coupon in, how much the muscles would cost. You should've seen my manly physique. Mr Rupture 1958.
Throw your voice. Be a ventriloquist. Amaze your friends. Yeah, yeah, I sent my dime too. Couldn't wait for the postman. I was gonna be a real live celebrity. When I opened the envelope, saw that funny little piece of leather and started reading the instructions, soak in water, press against the roof of your mouth with tongue...,(how you gonna talk with your tongue against the roof of your mouth) Oh well, at least I knew that I wouldn't have to look too far for a dummy.
Hey cats and chics, hope the brain juices are flowing and you remember some of these. Send me some of your own memories if you want too. Yeah, just clip out the coupon and .... Hell, enclose a dime if you want too.

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