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Car Hops, Eating in your car. How cool was it?

Burgers Five For A Dollar---Thick Malts and Shakes 50 Cents---Curb Service--

More Curb Service

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They have a lot more fifties goodies to offer.

Hey cruisers, remember these? can fix you up with one, complete with fake food if you like. Before you go asking "Bobaloons, what would I do with one those?" I'll tell you.

The next time your better half say's "let's go out to eat", whip up a couple of sandwiches, grab a bag of chips and a couple of sodas and hang this baby on your car window. Man oh man, just like old times.

Seriously, these genuine carhop trays are a great added touch when showing off your classic car. Get extra points or just look so much cooler than the other guy. Hey, you don't have to have a rod or custom cruiser, cause they look neat mounted on the wall in a den or playroom. That's where I keep one of mine. (Don't forget to glue the burger and fries to the tray, silicone works great) Tell em Bobaloons sent you.



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