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Okay, okay! Bobaloons is not my real name. What kind of name is Bobaloons anyway? Yeah even people I know personally ask the same question. It came about when I first tried the internet with AOL's free 100 hours and I needed a screen name. My name is Bob and my wife's is Lucy. I tried Bobalu and someone was using it. So out of that and my wife's love of a strange water bird (Loon) Bobaloons was created. Simple huh?

Bobaloons may have been created on that night, but old Bob was created a long time before that. My website theme kind of hints at just how long. I'll spare you the details and just say that I'm a grey haired "teen-ager" born and raised in Florida, who loves old music, old movies, old cars and to reminise about the fun I've had with all of them.

Yep, that cool, guitar player with the ultra cool shirt is yours truly. The other fellow, with more knobs on his guitar than mine, is a life long friend. We have played music together for more years than I care to count. Even got paid for it too.

Bobaloon's old stomping grounds. Jacksonville Beach, Florida in 1958. Man I wished it looked like that now. You can't even drive on it anymore. I spent many a happy day and night on those white sands. Worked on the boardwalk in summer break from school and it was a blast. Lots of tourists, especially the teenage girls, made it loads of fun.

The Fourth Of July 1958, found everybody and their brothers at the beach for the fireworks. It was the only place I knew of in town that had them. The pier was the launch pad and the rockets flew high above the ocean, offering quite a view to the crowds of tourists and locals all along the boardwalk.
Man it was great. The colors and patterns reflected in the wet sand like a mirror. I guess you just had to be there.

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