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What is it about the feel of a tuck and roll interior? Or the sound of dual glass packed mufflers rumbling in the night? Remember when the guy with the coolest car was it? He always had a date on Saturday night.

One of Bobaloons rides from about eight years ago. Miss the old girl sometimes, she was a lot of fun. Chopped. lowered, running a 350 Chevy engine, four two-barrel carbs and four on the floor. At 1600 pounds, it would scoot. Black tuck and roll interior finished off my little time traveler.


Another of my sleds that I miss a lot. This little 47 Ford Opera Coupe was shaved, filled and had a custom front end and grille formed by yours truly. Like the yellow 31, this one had tuck and roll interior too, done in white and blue to match the exterior paint. Power came from a rare Chevy 409 engine. Yep, the one the Beach Boys sang about. With 425 Horsepower under the hood this honey would roll.
A friend's car. Another friend's daughter and her husband and "shazaam" we return to yesterday. I'm sure that some of us can relate to this photo. Maybe the car and the setting were different, but at one time or another we all broke down. Sometimes maybe on purpose. just to get a little more time alone with our date. Yeah I remember all the little tricks too.


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