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Notes, Tips, Tricks and Links

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Index - Pages on Growlies

Buffet Guide for 20-25 Dinner for 24 Feeding a Crowd...Things to Think About! Wedding Dinner for 120 - a Cold Buffet
Buffet Formula 20 -50 Terrific Salad Tricks Christmas Open House for 100
Buffet Formula for 100 - 150 How To Cook a Turkey Feed 100 for $100.00
Amounts to Feed 100 People Can Sizes and how much is in them How to Make and Ice Bowl
Appetizers for a Crowd, Tips &
Photos of Platters
Menus Party Food Ideas
Amounts for cheese, vegetable & meat platters Food Measurements from POUNDS to CUPS Buffet Table Decorating Ideas
Bar & Beverage Guide Dessert Photos Spaghetti Dinner Ideas


Outside Links for More Information

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How to Roast a Whole PIG How to Increase a Recipe  Dayle's Food Safety Page
CLAM BAKE instructions! Cooking MEASUREMENT Conversions Can YOUR kitchen pass the FOOD SAFETY TEST??
PIT COOKING, how to cook in a hole in the ground! Food and Beverage Calculator Dayle's Catering Connections (info for beginners)
Food Conversion Calculator & Here& Here Table Decor & Here & Here


411 Party Planning Message Board, themes, games (slow)
Cheese for a Crowd Table cloths Photos & More Ideas Entertaining Board
Fruit & Veggie Amounts Napkin Folding Kids Party Games & Here & Here
Beverage Amounts Wedding Crafts Kids Party Themes
Garnishing & Here Wedding Crafts, decor, themes etc. Kids Party Planning Tips
REUNION Tips Wedding Cakes Make a Pinata
  Shower Games & Shower Planning