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Feeding 100 People for Approx. $100.00

I could feed soooo many friends for soooo little!!!

Christine from Los Angeles, shares her tips and success with us. She was
in charge of supplying food after a boating race on 3 different days, one
each on three different weekends. Christine
was participating in the races too...what an organized woman!!

The objective was to supply food for 100 people with a budget  of $100.00
per day, or as close to that as she could.

She did a great job!

Christine says "I didn't make my $100 per day budget.  In
total I spent $402 dollars.  Here's how:"


London Broil Sandwiches
Oven grilled at my house, then the next day at the yacht club I thinly
sliced the meat (wanted shoulder, got top round, almost 20 lbs at $2 per),
then warmed it over the stove, partially because it wasn't all the way
cooked because the hunks of meat were so giant.  I served them with
provolone cheese slices (3 packages), onions roasted in the oven and sliced
and horseradish, mayo, mustard on toasted rolls (100 rolls).
Toasting the rolls was key.
Two veggie platters:  lightly steamed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green
beans, with raw red and green pepper slices.  Dip was roasted onions (again)
chopped in food processor with bacon crumbles and sour cream.
Chips, salsa, & guac.
Cost:  $130


Chicken fajitas
24 lbs of boneless skinless thighs.  I picked thighs because they're cheaper
and more forgiving for reheating (juicier, etc.)  These I sliced fajita-size
and marinated in lime juice with various herbs and spices for a couple of
hours.  Then I cooked them in batches over the stove, leaving them a little
rare since I would be heating them up the next day.  BIg can of refried
beans, made my own spanish rice with enchilada sauce and plain long grain
rice.  Served with flour tortillas heated in the microwave, shredded cheese
(5 lbs), fresh cilantro, salsa and guac.
Same veggie platters, different dip:  an aioli thing that
was way too garlic-y
Chips and black bean salsa
Cost:  $140


Beef Stew
15 lbs of beef chuck (again $2 per), trimmed and cut into 1/2" dice.
Dredged in flour, cooked with onion, garlic, big can of crushed tomatoes,
three large cans beef stock, magnum of cheap dry red wine; simmer for a
while then add carrots, potatoes, frozen peas, mushrooms.  USed two 12 quart
stockpots, spread into three for transport to the yacht club.
Toasted sourdough bread spread with butter and roasted garlic.  Next time
I'll puree the garlic & butter together beforehand.
Same veggie platters, dip was chunky clam and bacon with cream cheese
and sour cream.
Chips, salsa & guac again.
Cost:  $127

Notes from Christine:
I am a good cook and I got so much for my money because this was pretty
labor intensive.  Just finding vessels to hold everything (not to mention my
fridge!) was a challenge.  However, each day was an absolute triumph, and I
have never received so many compliments.  This crowd is used to pre-fab deli
platters and mini hot-dogs; canned chili if they're lucky.

Fortunately there was a bar so I didn't need to budget for drinks.

If  anyone would like more details I would be happy
to share.
Christine D.

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