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Let's Party!!

I'll leave the theme up to you, but here are some ideas for the food.  You can
have a successful function going 'all out' with the food, sparing no expense or
you can do things elegantly but very economically, the choice is always between
you and your bank account with a big dash of common sense. No matter what
you choose to serve, by doing the food yourself, you
will SAVE money and gain SATISFACTION. ( more tips here )


You are invited to our wedding!

We are doing some things differently 
'cause it's our second time around
and rather than keep it to ourselves
we want our family, friends around

We are keeping things quite simple 
and hope you'll share our day

We're having a wedding reception, 
but it'll be done a different way.

To share our special celebration,
we ask you bring a POT LUCK DISH,
This seems a little strange
but it is our simple wish,

Then we can share this special day of ours
without too much expense or fuss,
sharing it with family, friends and workmates,
All of you, who mean so much to us.


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